Sunday, October 14, 2012

Trash Talk-Trash Talk's House,Los Angeles,CA-10/6/12

Since the last time I reviewed Trash Talk they played some free show in LA a few weeks later. Well, they hardly let anyone in and because the whole thing ended in a riot. Tables were broken, cop were cussing, fans were fence climbing, there was pepper spraying and taser threats, and there was me running from bean bag guns. So no Trash Talk for us. They released their new album, 119, this week so they decided to throw a free show again. This time to be safe, they didn't post the address in public, and scheduled it at noon, giving it to people the night before, and just had the show at their place. Good enough for me.

Trash Talk
I showed up at 11ish since last time I did that the line was huge. Surprisingly, there was really no one there. They live in like some warehouse with a huge lot. It ended up also being a video shoot so there was cameras everywhere. I was waiting for awhile in the sun. The band casually walked around which was no big deal. Hip-Hop group,OFWGKTA (Odd Future) were there as well but this time we were a bit star struck (I'll admit it!). They finally let us into the warehouse. They had set up already and kept telling us not to punch walls since it actually was their home and all. They started and of course we all went nuts and fought to get the microphone. In the small space we had we were pitting and kids were climbing on the ceiling and jumping like monkeys. They played a lot of old songs in this set and a lot from their Awake EP. After the set, front man Lee told us they were gonna barbecue and then play another set outside. Trust me, there is nothing more cool than eating hot dogs and rice crispy treats while watching Odd Future do silly stuff around you.

The 2nd set was just as fun as the first one. It was outdoors and a mini stage was built, so that meant unlimited stage diving. More hardcore dancing, camera men getting pushed around, and me getting kicked in the face like a mofo. Lee gave the mic to me a couple times and I jumped off ripping my jeans. Tyler, The Creator sadly did not do Radicals with them this time but he was still in the back with his signature smile. Trash Talk threw the biggest party of the year and I was glad to be a part of it. So crazy a lot of people got seriously injured. 3 days later 119 came out (on Odd Future Records) and it fucking rules hard. Ive been bumping that shit non-stop and my buds agree. Pick up 119 now man. And go see Trash Talk goddamn it!

Tra-Tra Tash Wang, Dat's Wassup!

Check out the video for some of the show.


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That video kicks ass. Truly captures the day in an unbiased manner. Great article TB.