Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Come And Join The Party to Support Ed Fallon in His Defense Against Boswell's Frivolous Lawsuit

Ed Fallon: The Hardest Working Man Out of Politics

                                              Official Press Release:

Thursday, November 1, from 5:00-9:00 p.m. at the Historic Fire House, 1041 8th Street in Des Moines (just south of DMACC's urban campus), friends and supporters of Ed Fallon will host "Ed Fallon's Legal Defense Shindig" to raise funds to support Fallon's legal fees in the lawsuit filed against him by Congressman Leonard Boswell. That lawsuit alleges that Fallon committed slander and libel against Boswell by revealing that aides to Boswell offered Fallon an $80,000 a-year job if he would not run against the Congressman in 2008. Fallon and his attorney, Joseph Glazebrook, have filed a counterclaim alleging "abuse of process" by Congressman Boswell.

"I am truly grateful for all the support coming forward," said Fallon. "It's unfortunate that Congressman Boswell decided to file this lawsuit, and a real challenge for me to raise the $5,000 needed to defend myself. I hope this shindig can raise most of the funds needed. No matter what happens Thursday night, it's going to be one fun party!"

The focal point of the shindig is a silent auction. "I am thrilled at the diversity of gifts and services people have donated for the auction," said Fallon. "There are paintings, dinners at restaurants, Turkish clothing, fair trade coffee, tickets to concerts, and $100 worth of pet waste removal. There is also massage, hypnotherapy, and even life coaching sessions."

In a recent email, Fallon had this to say about the event:

When donations and bids reach 20% of the funds needed for the lawsuit, an 84-year-old man will perform a spinning slide down a fire pole to a sustained drum roll and a chorus of oohs and aahs. Forty percent: Ed will perform a Chopin nocturne. Fifty percent: Ed will begin to play the accordion, and will stop when we hit 60%. Seventy percent: Ed will begin to give a speech, and will shut his trap when we reach 80%. If we reach 100% of the money needed by 9:00 p.m., the Heavens will open and doves shall descend upon the donor who puts us over the top. Have your cameras ready. Finally, if you donate any amount, Ed will invite you to a breakfast of his homemade pancakes to celebrate the conclusion of the trial, whenever that might be. (Unlike the dove thing, this will actually happen.)
Food will be provided by Cyd Coehn of Cyd's Catering. Music will be provided by Big Joe Kinser, Typical Males (John Price and Tim Verdon), Andy Fleming (from Brother Trucker), and Highroller Express (John Price, Jamie Grimm, and Jason Kadiwompass).

"Throughout my two decades of work in politics," said Fallon, "I have consistently demonstrated a commitment to fighting for good government, speaking truthfully and candidly about the importance of public officials maintaining the public trust, and standing up for constituency groups treated unfairly or unjustly by those with power. I am absolutely innocent of the accusations made against me by Congressman Boswell, I look forward to having this discussion in the full light of public review, and I look forward to a great event this coming Thursday."
Fallon served as a state lawmaker for 14 years representing central Des Moines in the Iowa House, and he ran against Boswell in the Democratic primary for Congress in 2008. Glazebrook is an attorney with the law firm of Glazebrook and Moe, LLP, and he successfully defended Fallon in the latter's Occupy trial earlier this year.


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