Thursday, October 3, 2013

BFD Interview with Gumby from Battlecross

On Wednesday night Metal Blade recording artist Battlecross came to town as part of the Divinity of Purpose Fall Tour in support of the Acacia Strain, Shadows Fall and Hatebreed. After soundcheck and a quick sandwich at Zombie Burger, lead singer Gumby sat down with me for a street side interview. Greg Waldrop of Dangerous Music Inc. was gracious enough to take time from doing his own thing to film and produce this video. 

One of the coolest moments came directly after we stopped filming the interview. A young fan, obviously on his way to the concert which was just around the corner, walked by and spotted Gumby. He stopped dead in his tracks and he says, "Wait a minute... Are you the lead singer for Battlecross?" Gumby smiles and in a joking manner says, "Nah." The kid says, "Oh... Sorry." Then Gumby, with his face lighting up says "Yes, I am!" The kid immediately starts fumbling around his pockets for a pen, paper, anything to capture his idol's autograph. The kid was literally shaking as he did so... A nice little conversation ensued, and he and Gumby ended up walking together down the sidewalk towards Wooly's where the show was to be played. 

It clearly made this young man's day to have spotted Gumby and had a chance to personally interact with him. It was definitely cool of Gumby to spend more than just a fleeting moment with this kid.