Monday, October 22, 2012

Samantha's View on Dating Creative People

The low-down on dating creative people from an international artist’s perspective...

A reflective self-portrait by SLT
It has been said a thousand times that artists are mad as hatters when it comes to love and emotion, and I would love to argue against that theory however we are a little more than intense when it comes down to it.  It has been said that artists feel the emotions around them; they take in life much differently than the rest of society.  All of these things are fantastic until it comes down to dating one of “us," as an artist is a passionate, intense, fiery, wild, carefree, crazy, beautiful person.  We create, we entertain, we inspire and guess what? The greater majority of society has no idea how to date us or deal with our chaos.  It’s alright because we  really don't know how to deal with the majority of society either.

I’m going to share a secret with you; I am hell bent and my heart hurts, after spending the last two months speaking with someone whom I started to care about-he ended whatever we had.  I don’t blame him; it is not easy dealing with an artist, especially one that works crazy insane hours.  Hey, he did me a favor by terminating our romantic relationship; I have new material for Bigfoot Diaries.   I’ve been bugging all of my artist pals around the world for advice to those who are interested or thinking about dating an artist.

Here is our top ten list.

1. Artists are emotional, we feel more than we breathe. That being said if you can’t handle someone with intense emotions then don’t waste your time with an artist.

2. Be ready to take impromptu adventures. Artists like to travel and move regularly.

3. Artist’s make stuff and the lucky ones get to show off their beautiful works to the public, get comfortable with attending shows and meeting eclectic people.

4. We work a lot and yes our work will always be our first love-don’t try to infringe upon that.

5. When you come over and the dishes aren’t done or there are books/supplies/laundry all over the place don’t be rude about it, don’t complain-yet again its work.

6. Communicate-just because we feel stuff doesn’t mean we can read your minds.

7. If you find yourself not happy in the relationship and you choose to end it-be careful and do it gently, heartaches cause terrible emotional responses to creative souls.

8. You want to get in good with an artist? Ask if you can create with them, most artists appreciate the gesture and love sharing their passions with others.

9. Do not be alarmed if you find yourself in your artists work in some shape or form, be honored and excited.

10. Artists are loud, unruly, eccentric beings if you cannot handle what they bring to the table DO NOT DATE THEM.  

I came to terms with a lot on Saturday as I found myself crying and feeling rather crazy in the heat of it all. Yes, I am an artist; a visionary, I work hard to make the world a better place. Sometimes I work too much and at the end of the day I just want to know that I’m not alone-I want someone to back me up, to “root” for me and to have someone else to “root” for.  Dating an artist can be complicated and frustrating we can be emotionally taxing and we are seldom down to earth.  We fall quickly and we fall hard, emotions can be the ruin of us when it comes to relationships.

It saddens me that passion, emotion and intensity are written off as bad qualities for people to have.  Well I’m going to keep writing, I’m going to keep painting and I’m going to keep creating, sorry Mr. Unemotional but this is life and it is intense and beautiful and powerful and full of emotion, sorry if you can’t get down with my world. Maybe you just weren’t good enough for it anyways.

-Written by Samantha L. Thomas


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Christalyn said...

You're awesome, and no, he wasn't good enough for your world anyways.