Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Buffalo Joe Reunion Set For Saturday Night

If you are familiar with Buffalo Joe, then this poster speaks for itself. If you happen to be in Newton on Saturday night, please stop in and show support. The First Avenue Speakeasy is located on the town square directly south of the courthouse. All proceeds will go to purchasing a new guitar for Jay.

Monday, January 30, 2012

DMI. Releases First "Official" Video

One of the most unique things about the Des Moines music scene is the fact that, as it happens, it is being chronicled into an endless file of captured audio, live video footage, and amazing photography. This is due to a project started and shared by Greg Waldrop and Jeff Anderson, an entity known as Dangerous Music Inc.

By the virtue of a shared love of live music, these two routinely spend countless hours every single week collecting and processing media from local shows. Then they pour over it, making edits and adjustments until it meets a strict standard of quality. This takes alot of time because usually the video footage comes from a different source than that of of the audio. And many times there are two or more cameras to sync together with the audio, making it even more tedious and time consuming.

Only after this process is complete is it turned over to the bands that are being featured, to use for their own promotional purposes. It's a pretty good deal for the bands... Most of the hours that Greg and Jeff pour into this project are volunteer. Usually they don't charge a dime.

DMI. has become a vital cog to the music scene in Des Moines, and the work they do and the hours they put in are a true testament to their dedication. Local music wouldn't be the same without their hard work... Nor would it be as widely accessible. There is nobody else taking on the workload that Greg and Jeff are in regards to capturing local music. And to be featured on their Youtube page (where most live footage ends up eventually) is a rite of passage for local bands who are working hard to become better musicians and promoters of themselves. It's a win-win. The bands work hard, and the reward is that DMI chooses to spend time with them to help them better their portfolio. The audio captured, the video footage and the photographs are routinely used as tools on the bands' Reverb Nation pages, or in other promotional media. It's a very friendly situation, and one that is unique not just to Des Moines but to local music scenes everywhere.

DMI.'s latest project has been to film an "official" video for the metal band Caustic Vision. It features the song "Fake," which is a favorite amongst the Caustic Vision die-hards who flock to see them. It's a good example of how the audio is synced with video footage, which in this case is a combination of live performance and artificial posturing. What you can't tell by watching the video is that it was a cold windy day when the outdoor footage was shot.

Check it out:

"It was a chilly 30 degrees during the filming and I think the only ones complaining were us," said singer Mickie Witcraft. "But seriously, the whole thing was a great experience and we will always do business with DMI. Greg is the man and always does us right."

There is so much talent in the Des Moines music scene and we are very fortunate to have Dangerous Music Inc. doing what they are doing. In a lot of ways the scene is still in a stage of infancy, especially in terms of attendance, but with the dedication and the perseverance that Greg and Jeff bring, interest and awareness will only grow. And of course the scene is better because of it.


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Grant's Tomb: Rant Against The Machine

I’ve been gone awhile, probably didn’t care did you? Oh well.

I’ve been trying to think of some kind of reason for my absence, like maybe I got abducted by aliens or I didn’t pay my cable bill and they shut off my internet connection for downloading to much music illegally (yes, I do that). Truth be told, its much less exciting than that, you see I’ve been having this real case of writers block. Ya know, that thing where you can’t think of a single thing to write that hasn’t already been said, a thought that hasn’t already been thought, self-doubt, overload at the day job, etc, etc. Even my girlfriend was starting to ask me when I was going to get this done, but no joke; you should see my hard drive. Half finished manuscripts, rough drafts just barely put together, and with each one nearly completed this monkey would jump on my back and whisper to me “You’re just ranting again.” Fuck. Is that all I am capable of? Ranting against the corporate rock machine, pointing out all of its flaws, even though I haven’t sold a single record myself? Even though I’ve barely toured out of state? Even though I haven’t the slightest idea of what some of these musicians, I so openly criticize, intentions are? But ya know what, I don’t care.

Oh snap, bet you thought I was about to humble myself. Ha, got you. Let me back up for a second though, everything I said up there is 100% true, but I’ve been doing some reflecting as of late (and listening to a lot of Slayer) and I’ve come to the conclusion that while my arguments and opinions may seem trite, it’s okay because in all honesty you know I’m right about them.

Take for example our local rock radio LAZER 103.3. They play the same boring music over and over again every 30 minutes. Recently my girlfriend and I made a trek out to Iowa City to see two of the greatest local acts we’ve had in the scene in the last decade. I’m talking about The Maw and The Mad Monks. Bear with me here, I’m not doing a right up on them just yet, believe me when I say both of these bands deserve a full book written about their greatness, my point is simply this: why doesn’t our LOCAL rock radio station support these and other LOCAL bands more? Not unless Theory of a Deadsuck or Nicklesuck are coming to town and a LOCAL is on the bill will LAZER even mention a LOCAL band. That is not the case with Iowa City/Cedar Rapids’ Rock 108. The rock station out there is amazing simply because not only do they play new artists, they play old, obscure, and deeper cuts that aren’t necessarily singles…and they promote local bands. Half the time, when a national act is coming through town they’ll at least mention the LOCAL act twice if not more.

But I digress...

With his permission, I plan on reposting an old manifesto that a friend of mine wrote calling all LOCAL bands to unite, go to each others shows, whether its your preferred genre of music or not, whether the bands are more successful than your's, whether you agree on politics or social issues. I didn’t get involved in the Des Moines music scene until late in 2008 and it was purely by chance, a band that was rehearsing in the same warehouse as mine had a bass player quit and having met the guitar player multiple times, as well as being a fan of their music, asked if they needed someone to audition. Long story short, I got the audition, played several shows with them, but in the end was asked to leave. With that aside, that band really helped me in networking with many of the people I now call friends, but what I was really trying to get at there was that even in 2008, local bands did not support each other. There was so much in-fighting not only amongst peers, but also between band members. This is bad, sure, there is a little bit of competition when it comes to playing shows with other local acts (you always want to be the band that stole the show), but there should really be a bigger sense of comradery with each other. So here we are 2012, and there is still petty bickering, but I will say this, that band does suck and their whole shtick is a gimmicky at best, the hilarious part is all of their shit talking and bad mouthing and they still can’t seem to figure out why they can’t get fans/ticket sales. Whatever, nu-metal is dead anyway and unless you’re throwing in a shitty breakdown with down tuned 8-string guitars you ain’t gonna sell nothing.

Do you see what I’m getting at? Do you at all? Okay, I’m done, thanks for letting me vent and get a bit of that spark back. Next week I’ll follow up on those other interviews I promised I would do. Just to give you a heads up, they will be a little more gonzo in style, very unethical and completely drunk.

Thank you, and by the way, since I’m here plugging the local scene to a certain degree, the Third Annual Snowball is this month (Friday January 27, 2012) at Peoples Court featuring Bigfoot’s own Jen Allen and Hath No Fury as well as Mindrite, Index Case, Dead Horse Trauma and Calous.

-By Grant Peter

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Mad Monks Celebrate Five Years Together

Last weekend (January 14th) the Mad Monks celebrated their five year anniversary of playing together as a band at Gabe's in Iowa City. Because of a prior engagement I was unable to attend, but this milestone has weighed heavily on my mind, and this feat deserves mention in the pages of the Bigfoot Diaries. The three times I have seen them play I was sent into sensory overload.

The Monks onstage almost seem to be a contradiction of sorts. At first glance they are three musicians who don‘t seem to fit together. Matt Larson has his untrimmed beard and his menacing scowl, and a bass guitar that seems to extend from his body as an additional appendage. It's his weapon of choice; a spine-tapping cosmic ray that engulfs the listener’s central nervous system, and time warps the mind back to the psychedelic blues explosion of the 1960s. It is an interesting juxtaposition along with his voice. While his bass tones are all encompassing, Larson’s vocals come at you through a different path on the cosmic wave hitting the deeper cores of the brain. The vocals are sharp, like a fanned blow dart, only instead of poison, these tips might as well be dipped in LSD. His bass play in conjunction with his vocals is hypnotizing. It’s an audio lobotomy, the equivalent of an aural brain stem.

Matt Larson
Then there is James Edel who’s appearance is more that of an aerospace engineer professor’s than that of a stage musician. But don’t judge this book by it‘s cover. He doesn’t look like one of the great guitar players in the galaxy, but that’s what he is. To underestimate his musical ability based off of his appearance is obviously a deliberate mind trick on the part of this spine melting axe-slinger. Simply put, Edel is a freaking alien. It’s that simple. His style, and the notes he conjures don’t come from this atmosphere… They can’t. He so effortlessly lifts notes from the neck of his guitar that at first it makes one might think that what he is doing is easy… that anyone could do what he does. But then he’ll go off on an extended solo and it'll hit you like a sledgehammer. WHAM! It’s a sight and sound to behold, the impossible notes he reaches for and finds on the fret of his Fender Strat. It’s uncanny, it’s unnatural, and it’s unearthly.

James Edel
And finally it's drummer Eric Dirks whom, upon appearance alone, seems to be the normal one in the group. Nothing extraterrestrial about him… Until he settles in behind his kit. He has been described as "almost playing jazz" from another writer on the Bigfoot Diaries staff (which, incidentally was a huge compliment on the part of Shep) but I personally don’t hear that so much, as far as style in the way Dirks plays. . What I do hear are compounded beats in time signatures that defy themselves, in the ever changing rhythms and directions that defines the music of the Mad Monks. This band doesn’t sit still, and it rarely hangs around in one particular signature of metered time for very long. It’s uncanny how well these guys know each other musically, and it’s especially apparent when the focus lies exclusively on Dirks. With him leading the charge, these guys have invented a sound that takes you beyond rock and roll as you know it, to a place where mind expansion shadows the ear, to a place of gratifying pleasure. All is right in this world of the Zen.

Eric Dirks
You won’t believe what you see, what you hear and what you feel. There are no contradictions and it's very obvious that these guys fit together. Watching any one of the Monks by themselves would be worth the price of admission.

Congratulations, fellas on five years. We're looking forward to many more.

See the Mad Monks live the next chance you get, and experience audio hypnosis for yourself.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Interview: 2012 Lazer Rock Girl Britt

 My goal, in writing for this blog, in making music, and in meeting new people is always to bring our community closer together. Really, our music community SHOULD be one big family. We can all use the support, the encouragement of each other, and I think the fans really like it when they come to a show and feel like they belong and like we're all working together.

In the spirit of that, I'm interviewing Lazer 103.3's Rock Girl Brittnie today. I actually competed against her in this contest, and she was great to work with the whole time. She surprised me, because like most people, what I saw first was a pretty face. I was sure I wasn't going to like her or have anything in common with her. I was very glad that she proved me wrong, or rather that I opened up, chose to get to know her, and proved myself wrong.

2012 Lazer 103.3 Rock Girl Brittnie

Now, if I thought she was just a pretty face, I'm sure most people watching the competition and keeping up with things online probably thought ALL of us were just pretty faces. I hope that through reading this interview you'll get to see a bit deeper into the heart of things, into what is really real, and will feel that much closer to our music community.

You belong here. So do I. So does Rock Girl Brittnie.

What made you want to enter the Rock Girl Contest?

I've had a passion for music for most my life. When I heard the ads on Lazer 103.3 for the Rock Girl Search I thought immediately it was something I could do. I really enjoy meeting new people, hearing their stories and talking music. I thought I could maybe bring something new and personal to the position.

So was the contest process easy for you?

Yes and no. Yes, going out, talking to people, being myself was completely easy. I vowed to be nothing but myself and if I was going to win I would win by keeping my morals and values. Then, absolutely NO for many reasons. I have only competed against girls in sports, this competition wasn't like that. And I definitely have bi-polar confidence. The drive to the tryouts I was all pumped up and was like "Ya I'm gonna nail this!". I got there and didn't even want to go into the mall. I was like "WTF did I get myself into, I can't do this." Well, my boyfriend made me. We drove all that way-I was gonna tryout. So I did and it was nerve racking! Getting on stage talking I could do just fine-I've never had a problem talking in front of people. But to purposely put myself in a position to be judged by so many? I thought I had lost my mind.

Then came the day to start promoting our pics for votes to make it into the Top 10 and I was ready to pull out from the competition. I was judging myself so harshly! I thought I didn't have a chance in hell to win and I worried about something I'm very strict on: Facebook adds on my personal profile. I only have people I actually know on my Facebook and I was not willing to budge on that to win a competition. With the sudden lack in confidence and being scared off on FB I was over it and done with the competition. Then many of my friends came forward through messages and texts encouraging me to stay in. One called me out stating that I'm playing life safe-to take a chance, that I'm already what they want in a Rock Girl, so show them that. Then a wonderful woman that didn't even know me yet got in touch with me and kept me in the competition. She talked me through my fears and insecurities. I felt that if someone that is supposed to be competing against me could be so supportive and encouraging, I had to give this a shot. (She didn't want named.)

Photo by MG Photography

Was it easy after that?

It really didn't get any easier, even after winning. I spent nights crying over some of the things I was reading about me. But I had constant support from friends and the ladies going through the process with me. I'm so thankful everyday for meeting these girls and have grown very close to Jen Allen and RG contestant Meghan. The week after winning may have been the hardest. I won but I wasn't doing any Rock Girl stuff yet but a lot of people had opinions about why I shouldn't have won. I understood people wanting to support the other girls who were their friends, but they did so by tearing me apart. Jen and Meghan did not let that happen. They stood up for me, thanked their friends for the support but explained that it did not have to happen by tearing me down. They are two of the most classy, fun-loving, free spirited, REAL, girls I have ever met.

Did you think you would win? Has it affected how others see you or how you see yourself?

Not a chance. My thought through the competition was: "Be yourself." If they were going to like me it was going to be the real me. I'm a dork. When I'm nervous I talk to much, when I get excited I get giddy. I'm a complete nerd and enjoy it to the core. I wasn't going to be ashamed of any part of me and if I was going to do it I was going to show everyone who I really am. So at campaign stops I went out there talked to as many people as possible and gave it my all. Not once did the thought "I'm gonna win this!" cross my mind. Every now and then "I may have a chance at this" snuck in but my bipolar confidence quickly crushed it. I've been bullied at times in my life, people have attempted to tear me down for my likes and things I enjoy. This has kind of been the first time that I've been truly excepted for who I am. I don't think much has changed on how others see me or how I see myself. I'm still a huge dork that trips regularly while walking and runs into walls. I'm still me and was going to be the same whether I won or not.

How do you feel about winning?

Gracious, excited, and ready to do as much as possible with the position!

For those who don't know, can you tell us a bit about what the Rock Girl does? What's your job with Lazer entail?

I'm Lazer's Spokesmodel/Promotions Model. You can find me at just about every Lazer event promoting the station, giving away free concert tickets and talking with the listeners. I also get to be on air with the totally awesome Andy Hall every Friday 5-6pm. Then also the photo shoots to promote many different types of events. Maggie with  MG photography is phenomenal and I'm really hoping to bring a creative edge to my pictures this year.

Photo my MG Photography

You won a guitar in the Lazer Rock Girl contest. Do you play?

I am in the process of learning. Right I'm working on getting my small double jointed hands use to reaching, stretching and use to the strings. I have a pinky that seems to want to do anything but what I want it to do. Really soon I am going to start teaching myself music from Ocarina of Time and will probably post videos of that process.

Ocarina of Time--that's Zelda. What else do you geek out on?

Zelda was and will always be my original love. Mario Bros and Donkey Kong are some of my faves in the Nintendo series. I'm a huge WoW (World of Warcaft) nerd, my Undead Warlock is my pride and joy. I'm a big Call of Duty girl but Battlefield 3 has taken up a lot of my attention lately. The Fable series is beautiful to me, I can get lost into those games for days at a time. Big Elder Scrolls fan also. On top of video games I love me some super heros, Batman topping that list and some totally awesome 80's movies like Labyrinth and Willow! I actually have Zelda and Willow inspired tattoos.

What was the first thing to really spark your interest in music?

I can't remember a time when I didn't have interest in music. When I was a kid I listened to all types of different music. My early high school years really formed my music tastes now. Rock, melodic, metal, alternative, singer/writers had my full attention. Music became the emotion I felt while listening to it. I wondered what the writer might have felt while writing it. It is therapy for me, it has helped me through some of my darkest times and enriched great times.

What was the first show you attended? Was it a local band or a national?

The first show I attended was Cheap Trick when I was 8 years old. It was a mix of emotions, sadly it was very loud (I never complain of that now) but I was in awe at the performance. Up in til that point I only ever heard music on the radio, it was my first time seeing someone play music live. I was hooked on all sorts of live music. I went on a school trip shortly after to see an Orchestra perform. I fell in love with the Cello when they played The Pink Panther Theme Song. Live music of any sorts is beauty to me.

Tell me about some of your favorite bands and why their music does it for you.

Breaking Benjamin tops my fave list. I can listen to every album from beginning to end. Most of their songs have been attached to an event, person or feeling in my life. Music is like a photo album for me but of emotions and feelings. Papa Roach won me over after seeing them live. The guys in that band perform with so much heart, every night giving it their all, like they are still trying to get signed. I've loved Evans Blue and the boys in it since the beginning. I love what they have grown into as a band, I'm proud of them as a friend and really look forward to their new material coming out.

Do you have any favorite local bands that you like to see?

A couple so far have caught my interest. Hath No Fury - I caught one show and was blown away: great music and great performers. It's Complicated is a fun band that really can do it all. They are a newer band but I would have sworn they have been playing together for years. I've made it to a couple of Lazer's Best Damn Band Contest shows which have featured a lot of great local talent like Superchief, David Scanlon of Switchblade Saturdays, the Handlebars, and Richard Arndt.  I'll also be going to The Snowball with Mindrite, Index Case, Dead Horse Trauma, Calous Nation, and Hath No Fury on January 27th. The local music scene in Des Moines is very alive and talented!

Do you have any ideas to improve our local music scene?

Just the haters hating, saying the DM local music scene is dead. You guys are obviously not paying attention to the flyers, the radio ads or the Facebook promotions. Pay attention, get out there, you want to see a killer performance, fill the bar/venue. Bands can give a killer performance but man can they feed off of a full crowd and give an even better one!

Photo by MG Photography

What has been the most embarrassing moment so far as Rock Girl?

Oh boy, where to start. Ask me this again at the end of the year and the list will be 10 times longer. I'm not graceful, I'm a klutz, I'm accident prone so it actually takes a lot to embarrass me. Anymore I just shake my head and laugh at myself. I've had a couple good ones so far. My phone is possessed, and before buying my Santa outfit for my photo shoot I snapped a picture only meant for my photographer Maggie. There was a lot of cleavage, total tummy baring, pretty much half naked. So sent it to Maggie bought the costume and didn't think anything more of it. That night I had my phone in my apron at work, I received a text from my boyfriend's, father's, fiance saying "So that's your outfit for the next shoot? You look cute!" Oh my goodness, my phone somehow sent my Santa outfit pic to her. I was mortified and ten shades of red. To say the least there was a lot of Santa jokes this Christmas. My phone also posted "Ass" as a status update on my Rock Girl page when I was trying to ADD someone through Facebook Text. I was going to delete it but people were liking it so I thought "Eh, whatever, I will go with it, make fun of myself".

What would you consider to be your biggest triumph thus far?

I have a few things in the works that I hope to get done as Rock Girl. I would consider those triumph if succeed at doing so. But lil triumphs I've had have been getting on stage in a swimsuit! It was just a lil nerve racking. And making my dress for the Winter Ice Queen Photo Shoot.

Do you have any big plans for your year as the Lazer Rock Girl?
Oh yes I do, I tend to dream big. I will keep them my lil secrets for now!

Do you have any crazy fan stories?

The Winter Photo Shoot was pretty amusing. We shot out at Sleepy Hollow and there was a lot of young teenage boys out there that day. The background noise was a lot of interesting questions and comments from hormone-raged boys. It was pretty funny.

You get a year of being the Lazer Rock Girl and working with the crew at Lazer 103.3.  What are you looking forward to the most, or enjoying the most right now?

I look forward to any and all of my time with Maggie (Gulling, of MG Photography). We are on a very similar creative level and have so many fun and different ideas for photo shoots this year. Of course Lazerfest, it's THE event in a Rock Girls career. All Lazer listens and music fans in one place at one time. I hope to see so many people while there. I look forward to every Friday, being on air with Andy Hall. The man is so funny and has so much knowledge. I learn something every week with him.

Last question!  Most people think that the Lazer Rock Girl is just a pretty face. Can you tell us what makes you different?

Well, I DO know music and would love to talk music with anyone! I've been to over 80 concerts/shows in the last 12 years. I entered this competition because of my love for music. Besides music, I'm active in many different topics on my Facebook page. I have a weekly gaming subject called "What's in your box?". It's not just limited to 360s which is what I own but to any gaming system. Each week, usually Monday, I have a new gaming subject to nerd over. I'm very into watching and playing sports. I'm a girly girl also, love fashion, cooking, sewing, hair products and makeup. And I always about learning new things. So just about every person I meet I could easily strike up a conversation with just about anything.


Thank you for reading!

I hope you'll join me and Rock Girl Brittnie at the 3rd Annual Snowball at People's on Court on January 27th. We've got some well-known local bands playing such as Mindrite, Index Case, Dead Horse Trauma, and Calous Nation, and Hath No Fury.

I hope we'll all see you at this show, or that you'll be at another show in Des Moines. There is a LOT of great music going on, every week, and it's up to you to get out there, support it, and join the family. This is the family you get to choose, so CHOOSE it! Support local music, support local businesses, and rock on.

Question for you readers:  What do YOU think we can do to make our local music community better and stronger in Iowa?  Give YOUR ideas.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Radio Moscow in Ames: What Really Happened

By now maybe you have seen this video shot at DG's Taphouse in Ames, Iowa of Radio Moscow's final moments as of January 7th, 2012.

It shows lead singer Parker Griggs hurling his guitar into the drumset of drummer Cory Berry. Berry retaliates and launches the Strat back at Griggs, who doesn't have time to react, and takes a hard shot to the forehead. It was a violent end to Radio Moscow as we knew them. What ensued was Griggs being rushed to the ER and taking 14 stitches... And a whole lot of propaganda bullshit on the part of the person(s) who made this video.

The video runs like a documentary. To take it on the surface, you would believe that drummer Cory Berry and bassist Zach Anderson were a couple of backstabbers, who went against their word and sabotaged Parker Griggs reneging on an agreement to complete a tour. It reads like this:

On January 7th, 2012, Radio Moscow played at DG's Taphouse in Ames, IA. This was only the second stop in a handful of shows in the Midwest, precursors to the U.S. tour with Graveyard.

After months of mounting tension within the band, Radio Moscow had come to an agreement that the current line-up would complete one last tour and then pursue separate endeavors. However, moments before taking the stage, the rhythm section informed Parker Griggs, guitarist and vocalist, they would not be continuing with the remainder of the tour.

The truth of the matter is, Cory and Zach quit the band several months earlier. They had grown tired of Parker's drunken outbursts onstage, and his inability to properly communicate offstage. There was some jealousy on Parker's part directed at Cory and Zach for working with Mondo Drag on their new studio album. Even though Cory and Zach had officially left the Radio Moscow months before, Parker would carry on as if nothing had happened and the band was still intact.

"We actually quit four months ago," said Cory, "We were living in California, and only came back to Iowa to form our new band, Blues Pills. We were just hanging out and working on music when we got a text message from Parker asking us if we would play with Radio Moscow while touring with Graveyard. Graveyard is one of our favorite bands, so we were like, of course! We told Parker right then and there that this would be the last time we all played together.  It would have benefited both of us (Parker for having a band to tour with, and Cory and Zach for touring with Graveyard) despite our friends and family telling us not to do it."

Radio Moscow scheduled a few shows as a precursor to going on tour. The night before the infamous show in Ames, Radio Moscow was playing in Iowa City. The crowd was chanting Zach and Cory's names, and giving them a lot of love and support. Parker reacting in a jealous fit, threw a can of beer, which hit an unsuspecting young lady in the face.

The next day Parker acted as if nothing had happened. Cory and Zach told Parker that they were NOT going to do the Graveyard tour with Radio Moscow, that they would finish the precursor dates already scheduled in Iowa and that would be the end of it. According to Cory, that next day there was tension, but nothing too crazy. Parker avoided conversation with Cory and Zach at all costs during the day, finally only speaking to them once they hit the stage that final night in Ames.

"Are you guys going to do the Graveyard tour with me?" Parker asked.

"Fuck no." Was the reply.

The show went on, and Parker began to ridicule and taunt his band mates while on stage saying stuff like, "Thanks to Cory and Zach for putting up with me for all these years... But NO thanks!"

The tension built throughout the night, and finally it came to a climax when and in an introduction to final song of the night, "No Good Woman," Parker said, "This song is about Zach..."

Parker then went on to say, “This is the last song with this lineup, ever. So, fucking rock out!”

Then pandemonium erupted. Griggs hurled his guitar into Cory's drum kit, it landing on Cory's hands and smashing against his neck. Cory reacted in immediate self defense, and rifled it back at Parker who, in his drunken state, didn't react in time and took a sharp blow to his forehead. Friends and family rushed the stage to diffuse any further skirmish, but Cory and Zach had already exited stage right. Parker was given a towel and rushed to the emergency room.

The show was over.

The next night Radio Moscow was schedued to play in Cedar Rapids at Mahoney's Irish Pub. Even though the video claims that Griggs brought in two new musicians, and "the tour picked up right where Radio Moscow had left off," Mahoney's was left high and dry, Parker calling only a half hour before showtime to cancel the gig.

The owner of Mahoney's said this in the thread of comments under the video on Youtube: In reading that Radio Moscow "picked up right where it left off", simply is NOT TRUE. I own the venue they were to play the next night (Sunday). Not only did the band not show, they did not even bother to call until 30 minutes before the show was to start....  I have still not received any appologies. Mahoney's Irish Pub CR

Despite what the maker(s) of the video would like you to believe, Parker Griggs is not a victim of sabotage by his bandmates. He is a victim of his own accord, a perfect example of what happens when an inflated ego meets the end of somebody's rope. Sometimes reality hits you right in the face.

Karma is a bitch, isn't it, Parker Griggs? 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2 Grindcore Backyard shows, 12/3/11 & 1/1/12

 First show was in Lincoln Heights. Goner/Hoy Pinoy were supposed to headline but they didn't show/play. Oh well.

    First band was Set Aside For Genocide(or SAFG). Short but good set. Special Guest vocals from Valerie of Happy Pill Trauma. They have tapes for sale,hit em up!
Happy Pill Trauma was up. First time seeing them,they played a really short set but they rules. Me and my friend were amazed how a short 16 year old girl can sing evil brutal vocals like that. Split coming soon! Really good live!
Up next was MxJxC. They sounded really good but the singer was too drunk to keep up. They should be good more sober. Ill have to check em again.

One of my favorite local grinders, BrucexCampbell got added last minute. They got a new singer(one that does the harsh growls) and they sound better than ever. I can honestly say this was the best time I've seen em. New singer,new songs,and new album on the way. Fuckin great. My bud from up north was finally glad to see em.
After them was a Grind band named Dead Issue. Cant find much info on them but they were good.

Up next was a VS. set. So 2 bands set up and each take turns playing super fast. It was Sordo Vs. CancerxPatient.

Sordo,Grindviolence from Ventura(?) CA played the first song. Right away me and all the people there instantly became huge fans. They're songs were super fast,super short,and super fun. I recommend em to everyone. I hope to see em again and get a shirt. They wont the Vs. battle in my book.
CancerxPatient did a really great set as well. They mix their grind with Noise by adding some synth thing. Really fast and noisy. I recommend these guys too. CP and Sordo have a split together on tape. Get it!
Aputasos! ended the night. Better from last time I saw em. 2 new vocals. They had a decent set. Check em out! New songs soon!
Second gig was actually in my girlfriends garage. Her mom went to Vegas for the weekend,and Val from HPT needed a house to throw a show at. So after cleaning the garage im proud to announce that I helped out very little in the first,last minute GINAPALOOZA!                                                                                                       

Goner/Assworship didn't come. And Inner City Youth(same members as CancerxPatient) didn't play. Once again both Happy Pill Trauma and CxP did great sets again and the very few people that came so far.

New Grind band,Claws Up was next. It has both singers of BruceXCampbell plus my old high school friend Angie. This great 3 piece is like Brucexcampbell with female vocals. They don't have a demo but live they were real good.

Up next was local Grinders Warwhore. This show is one of their lasts since the drummers moving or something. Great set. Singer was cool to gimme their new demo. Download old one here. If you didn't see em,you missed out big time.

While I was being the door guy,A big van with a trailer pulled up. 2 bands from Up north who were touring had just finished playing a show and wanted to play ours. We said yes. They were all nice guys.

First touring band was Dcoi!(pronounced Decoy). I heard em in a magazine cd sampler in high school. They blend Street Punk with good ol fashioned 80s Hardcore. They played a really short set,but it was sick. If these guys ever come to your town please check em out. They gave me a copy of their new album,"When History Repeats Itself". Get that album!

Last band of the night and 2nd touring band was Side Effects. Street Punk mixed with Crust Punk. I had never heard of these guys before but they blew me away. They played very loud and heavy. Singer was walking everywhere and screaming. I liked em a lot. Listen to their 7' "Lessons In Fear". Good stuff.

Ginapalooza 2 coming soon!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Streetlight Manifesto, The Fox Theater, Pomona CA 12/22/11

   My last show of 2011 was Reel Big Fish. This is the 2nd Ska show I've reviewed. I'm not into Ska like I was  back when I was 15/16 years old but I went cause I won free tickets for a friend who didn't need em anymore.

First band was Radio Ruby Love(the hell is that!?). If I had made a "Worse Opener List of 2011" they'd be number 1. They sucked so much ass it wasn't even funny. While me and 80% of the crowed were booing them off stage they invited some saxophone player from Streetlight Manifesto to do a song with them. No excuses! These guys are dildos.

Up next was a reggae band named Lionaze. Pretty decent reggae. Got my head bopping and people started to skank and dance. OK I guess.
 Up next was Reel Big Fish. Nah they didn't headline but they should've. They played a good hour or so. Skank pit got huge right away and since that's the only dance I can do I joined in for a bit. They played all their classics from Trendy,Beer,and Sell Out. If your into Ska I recommend them for a live show. Tho im not into Ska as much,they do a great live show.

Headliners were Streetlight Manifesto.People were crazy for em and ive always tought they were just an thought Ska band. Set was good,crowed was great. I recognized some songs from a burned cd I got in middle school. They were ok,Not RBF good. After an hour or so me and Girlfriend decided to leave. Overall an ok free show.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Alice Cooper hasn't really been worth a much of a crap in quite a long, long time; and with this latest album he's really not improving his situation much. Oh yeah, back in the day Alice Cooper was great. Especially when Alice Cooper was the moniker of the band and not just Vince's alter ego. When it was: Vince Fournier - vocals, Glen Buxton and Michael Bruce - guitars, Dennis Dunaway - bass, and Neil Smith - drums, they were a force to be reckoned with. Top of the heap. They were vital, intense, high energy, trashy, and pure teenage rampage. All the ingredients for a top notch, true blue rock and roll band I think you'll agree.

Sadly though, those days are gone, and instead of blazing trails, Mr. Cooper has decided to cop trends. (He uses an auto tuner on the opener fer criminy sakes). So instead of hard edged intensity here, he's giving us a rather sanitized faux trash, decadence shtick that seems to be what a lot of people are gravitating to these days. You know what I mean. You've seen the hipsters wearing their rebel cred on their sleeves, and their chic, outsider fashionability, but when push comes to shove they are just as bland and mainstream as any of the Justin Beiber fans they think they hate so much. Of course the Beiber fans will probably grow out of it someday.

But back to the record at hand here. Over all I find this thing extremely frustrating because there are moments on this thing, brief, shimmering glimpses of the sublime spirit that was "Love It To Death" or "Killer", or take your pick of any early Alice Cooper record Pre- 1976, But the energy just doesn't keep up, and the sound starts to careen into late 80's early 90's sissy metal. All in all there are two good songs on this thing "Last Man On Earth" ( a sort of 1930's New Orleans dirge that wouldn't sound outta place on a Dead Brothers disc) and "Ghouls Gone Wild" (which sounds like the Dictators playing in a party scene on some twisted A.I.P. beach movie). "Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever" is some kind of novelty song I guess, but this kind of thing sounds better when Svengoolie does 'em on his show. (plus you get to see some old horror flick).

The whole reason that I wanted to hear this thing anyway was because the original band play on it. (Sans Glen Buxton -R.I.P.) Three songs to be exact, with each of the guys helping co write a song each. The bad news is that these songs are really mired by the production and the sonically antiseptic metal guitar sounds from Steve Hunter and Tommy Henrickson. I think I'd like to hear these songs ( "A Runaway Train", " I'll Bite Your Face Off", and "When Hell Comes Home") with just the members that remain of the original band. I think the songs are possibly good ones, just not executed with enough trash rock sensibility that you can tell they scream for.

So overall what you get here is Alice sounding a lot like John Lennon in the vocal department ("Something To Remember Me By" actually sounds like it could of been an outtake from a late 70's Lennon record), a lot of modern pop production, some not quit there rock and roll tunes, and some other stuff that seems to be the kind of things that only Night Ranger fans could consider heavy. If Skid Row and Def Leppard are your idea of really great hard rockin' sounds then you can go ahead and pick this up cause you'll probably love it. However, on the other hand if you don't, then see if you can find "Ghouls Gone Wild" as a single and just forget the rest.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Turtle Boys Top Albums/EPS/ETC of 2011

Here it is! After long thought and writing I made my top favorite stuff for this year. Hope you like, and check out these bands.

                                       TOP 20 ALBUM

Killgasm- Bloodbath Of Satanic Vengeance
Debut album of Blackened Grindcore band from bay area. Think early Carcass meets Mayhem. Fast,nasty,and evil. Plus it ends with a Misfits cover. These guys have a future. I gotta see em live.

Lock Up-Necropolis Transparent
New album by Grind fuckers from the UK. Deathgrind at its best. Well its gotta be since Thomas Lindburg of Skitsystem,At The Gates,and Disfear is the frontman. Good stuff.

Rotting Out-Street Prowl
Another album by LAs favorite new Hardcore band. Vocalist change wasnt such a good move. Emotional strong lyrics(mainly about his Dad),fast aggressive,great hxc. Not as badass as This Is Just A Life,but ok.

Skeletonwitch-Forever Abomination
Another classic from Skeli. Can they make a shit album? I think not. Blackened Thrash/Death whatever you name it,it has it all. I didnt get to see em this year,but I wanna see em headline again.

I just heard this album and I freakin loved it. Black Metal + Crust Punk= these badboys from LA. I gotta see em live. You must as well. Its actually for free download. Free Download!

Bastard Noise-Skulldozer
Holy fuck! I actually loved this album. They're past albums were all static noise, but this one is more like Man Is the Bastard. New singer, Amie Artz saved this band. This is great. When I first saw 'em live I hated em. Now I love 'em. Worship the Skull.

Taake-Noregs Vaapen
This was a great solid Black Metal album. Amazing album. Evil banjo solos are evil.

Another genius album Varg has made us again. Tho not as amazing as last years,its still Burzum done right.


Wolves In The Throne Room-Celestial Lineage
AMAZING. 'Nuff said.


Owen Hart-Earth Control
Before WWE made em change thier name,The debuted this great Grindcore album. Long songs for Grind,but still sillyness. They are now Earth Control. But c'mon a band named after a dead wrestler is gotta be good.


Cannabis Corpse-Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise
Stoner Death Metalheads have done it again. Instead of Cannibal Corpse song titles they've done Morbid Angel and Deicide. Like Cannibal,after theyre 3rd album theyre gonna get a new singer.

Retox-Ugly Animals
Debut album from Retox. Justin Pearson's work is always amazing. Not as fast as The Locust but faster as All Leather. This shit rules. See em live. Great show. JP we love you.

Wugazi-13 Chambers
This a mashup album of Wu-Tang Clan and Fugazi. This is amazing,I listen to it every morning. If you're into Wu-Tang or Fugazi...or not .. you'll dig this album. Jay-Z approved. Wugazi Is For The children. Free Download


AxCx - Wearing Out our Welcome
AxCx's last album. Instead of the usual 40 its just 10 songs. They ran out of ideas here. But Seth still made fun Nasum. Not a great last album, let alone AxCx album. But I loved it. RIP Seth


Despise You/Agoraphobic Nosebleed-And On And On.
Split album of the year. DY's part was HOLY SHEEET. Faster than Fast Powerviolence. Great fuckin stuff. AN's side was pretty good. AN side was great but not DY great.

Theyve done it again. Singapors Grindfuckers put out another great album. Fast,Grind,and all that jazz. Perfect Grind album once again.

Cerebral Ballzy-Cerebral Ballzy
Punk Rock with Hardcore is back. This album shouldve been made in the 80s cause this shit fuckin rules. Adult Swim loves this,and so should you.


Deafheaven-Roads To Judah
This album touched me emotionally. As lame as this sounds,it has the Black Metal formula minus satan,corpse paint,and all that jazz. Call em Hipster Black Metal if you want,but this album is one of the best albums of this year. Play it LOUD!!


Brutal Truth-End Time
Almost made no.1. Another solid album from one of my favorite Grind bands ever. Kevin Sharps slurry voice,Dan Lilkers loud bass,and Richards fast ass drums. I really loved this album. BT delivers a Grind record that will go down in history. Last song ends with 15 min of static noise. Wow.


Trap Them-Darker Handcraft
I give album of the year to Trap Them. The band that got me into grind. This album mixes Crust/Grind/Hardcore. The lyrics are great,musics great,vocals great,everything about it rules. TT contine to be one of my favorite bands,and this album makes me loves em more. Album of the year.

                                                    TOP 5 EP's

5 songs,5 minuets,and its free! Plus a guitar solo! What the fuck! Wormrot can you do no wrong?!

Trash Talk-Awake
One the leaders of New HxC put out another amazing release. These few songs are fast,strong,loud and perfect for stage diving. Trash Talk rules.


Graf Orlock-Doombox EP
Cinema grind band got a new singer and he RULES! 5 new songs about "hood movies". Gotta love it. Gorlock Forever!


Primate-Draw Back A Stump
Kevin Sharp Of Brutal Truth has made it #2 again with his new band Primate. Grind with Hardcore Punk influences. This shit was so good I actually love it better than Brutal Truths Endtime. Plus it has some dude from Masatdon. Ive gone bananas for this band.


If this was considered a full length, it'd be #1 on my album list replacing Trap Them. Like their past EP; He Had It Coming,I can play this all day,everyday. I seriously can. All songs are from movies, and fast loud and amazing. Milk was A Bad Idea is song of the year. This whole EP is music release of the year. ACxDC is one of my favorite bands ever,and this makes me love em more. If you don't believe this is the greatest release of 2011...I will fight you....that's no lie.

                         TOP 10 Demo's!
10.Lie Still

New PV band with members of Lack OF Interest. They took of the DL link but you can listen to it here.FFO Lack Of Interest,Spazz,Assholeparade.
Download n listen

9.Malpractice Insurence
Local Grind band.Very good demo they passed out at their show. FFO Carcass,Dahmer,Exhumed

8.Whats The Point!
Blackened Powerviolence. God damn it,I wanted to invent that!!!! FFO Charles Bronson,Deafheaven,Infest

7. Stresscase
Female fronted Powerviolence/Fastcore. FFO Punch,Fuck the Facts,
What Happens Next?

D-Beat Hardcore Crust. FFO Doom,Napalm Death,Seige.

5. InzaineFastcore,fastcore,fast. FFO Trash Talk,LxExAxRxN,JFA
Female fronted Grind. Members of Tension,InZaine,Hooded Justice. FFO Dropdead,Coke Bust,Ceremony

VeganNoise. FFO Man Is The Bastard,Disclose,Litmus Green

Raw Grindviolence at its best. FFO Despise You,Iron Lung,In Disgust

Meth head Grindviolence at its worst. FFO Anal Cunt,Insult,ACxDC

TOP 10 Live Bands

10. Rammstein(Jimmy Kimmel Live,Hollywood CA)
This was TV performance so I only saw 3 songs(or else they'd b higher on the list) The songs I saw were amazing. Too broke to see em do a full show. Fire,fire everywhere.

9. Paul Di'anno(Key Club,Hollywood)
Go a head and take shit,Di'Anno did a great fuckin job doing the classic Maiden songs. Luckily RJ got me in for free,so for only $6 I was able to see Paul sing the whole first Maiden album plus some Killers. Since the first two Maiden albums were my favorite albums,I really enjoyed this show.

8. Deafheaven-Redwood Bar,Downtown LA
Black Metal/Grindviolence show at a small place where only 40 people fitted. The singer didnt need corpse paint or black clothing to scare me. We Lifted him while he was screaming his dick off. Very Powerful performance. VERY fuckin loud.

7.Brutal Truth-The Blvd,Boyal Heights
I almost didnt get in,But im so glad I did. They played most of my favorite songs,And Dannny and Kevin were super cool with me. Screaming a long to Walking Corpse was fun.

6. Cro-Mags-The Roxy,Hollywood
I finally got to see these guys. Luckily it was free. Hardcore done right. Stage diving,moshing,screaming,PMA all over the place. Theyre a must live.

5. Municipal Waste-Glasshouse,Pomona
To me they made Scion Rockfest the most fun. Nothing beats your first Waste show. But them headlining is always fun. Stage Dives and Hi fives.

4.Leftover Crack-The Echoplex,LA
Crackrock Steady LoC puts out an amazing show,with me getting squished the whole time. Sing a longs,pits,and skanking.

3. AxCx's-The Blvd,Boyal Heights.
AxCx's last tour before Seths passing. Never I have been so excited seeing a frontman of a band. I was like a little girl when I took a pic with him. Seth was so fucked up he had to sit the whole show. We told em what to play. A night I will never forget. RIP

2.D.R.I.-Key Club Hollywood
Ive seen bands from Slayer,Cannibal Corpse,Ceremony,Waste,you name it. No band throws crazier shows than D.R.I. The whole place is just a big huge mess and they choose the perfect setlist. If you havent seen em live,youre missing out big time.

1. Metallica-Empire Polo Club,Indio
My first Metallica show. I wanted to cry. All I can say about it is HOLY SHIT.

Top 10 Openers
10.Lack Of Interest(For Brutal Truth/Bastard Noise
Legendary Powerviolence band Lack,refuses to ever headline. I dont know why they wernt on my list last year but they fuckin rule live. They always play the same set but its always fun.

9.Resistant Culture(for the failed California Dicord Fest
They were the last band to play before the cops ruined the fest. They were so good tho. Crust Punk mix with Native American music. I gotta see em again live.

8.Ghoul(For Dropdead)
Crossover Death/Thrash/Grinders put a really fun show. think The Mentors meet GWAR. Little bit of fake blood,silly lyrics,hard music,and guys in costumes. Too much fun.

7.PxBxS(For Hoy Pinoy)
These young Grinders put the best 5 minuet shows ever. Theyve became my friends but for a very young grindviolence band,they fuckin rule and are already getting a name for themselves.

6.Hooded Justice(For Gnarmagedon fest)
HxJx opened the fest which Agent Orange/DOA headlined and they did better than them. Hooded was one of my favorite local bands due to their chaotic,fun shows. They replaced thier singer so idk how to feel now. If you didnt see em,you missed out.

5.Ill Repute(For Gnarmagdeon Fest
Best band that played the fest in my opinion. Crazy fun like DRI/Waste/etc. NAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRDDDCCCCCOOOOOOREEEEE!!!!

4.Yeastie Boys(For T.S.O.L.)
Thee guys dress up as clowns,do punk covers in clown comedy,and throw balloons and toys everywhere. I saw em in a boat. Do the math.

3.Cerebral Ballzy(For Repulsion)
The singer has such great stage tactics. From jumping all over the bar,pissing off the audience,and making people crack their heads open. Yes this band rules.

2.Circle One(For Gnarmagedon)
My hometown heros. They did all the classic 80s material,and new singer Omar sings just like the late,great John Mascias. They even dedicated a song to me and my friend cause we were born and raised in Pico Rivera.

1.ACxDC(for Wormrot,Godstomper,They As In Them,Deadheaven,Dropdead

I saw em 5 times this year. Im obsessed with this band. They rule each time. Best 10 min of my life. I even get to sing a long at some shows. The band recognizes me now. I LOVE this band.

Fastcore,fastcore,fast. FFO Trash Talk,LxExAxRxN,JFA