Sunday, October 14, 2012

Six Feet Under-The Glasshouse,Pomona,CA- 10/15/12


Sorry for the lag. No internet has been tough and what not. Any who,here's this months Scion show. Metal Blade brought this line up. But all I read when I saw it was: CATTLE DECAPITATION... CATTLE DECAPITATION... CATTLE DECAPITATION... CATTLE DECAPITATION... and that band with the original Cannibal Corpse singer that's OK I guess. I was stoked since I always miss Cattle Decap. And even more stoked because the album they released this year was so fuckin good I felt the need to see 'em ASAP. They had announced weeks prior that they would play the new album in its entirety only for this show. Did I mention that I was so stoked?
The first band was Doom Metal band, Pilgrim. Ya know slow Heavy Metal, beards everywhere, and total Sabbath worship. I thought it was ok and quite enjoyed some of it. They played 3 (long) songs and had some fans. If you're into Doom you'd like these guys.


Next up was Gypsyhawk. Los Angeles Traditional Heavy Metal. Think Thin Lizzy with Deep Purple. They have quite the hype over here and I guess I can see why. Old Skool Heavy Metal for bikers and kids that just want it original. Pretty cool for an opening band. Check 'em out.


When Melodic Death/Thrashers Battlecross from Michigan took the stage, it had to be one of the very few times where when I was so into a band when they hit the first note. Aggressive ass shit,with breakdowns that aren't douchey, sick riffs, fast drums,and brutal vocals. The singer had a great stage presence and looked like the hunter dude from Jumanji. Seriously some sick shit. Check 'em out. Get their album Pursuit Of Honor. So good,so good!


The band I was super stoked and excited to see was San Diego Death/Grind act Cattle Decapitation. Sadly I've missed 'em a bunch of times but, ever since they released Monolith Of Inhumanity earlier this year I've been dying to see them play. Luckily for me and even more lucky, this would be the only time they'd be playing Monolith in its entirety  I was so happy. Frontman Travis Ryan got on stage and just acted like a complete wild animal. All the different vocals he does on the album, he can totally do live. This guy is a freakin' monster-man. From the Death Metal vocals, to the Goregrind gurgling, to that creepy black metal screechy voice. Right there in person it all came out of his mouth.

The place went nuts on the first note and I was glad to have made my way to the front to scream a long "Dead Set on Suicide" and "Life Stalker".

The whole album was played and us and the audience was completely satisfied. Afterwards I talked to Travis and told him how much I loved the new album (plus the Murder Construct one too). My friend was cool enough to get me a badass offensive Cattle Decap t-shirt. (Thanks Ray, I Owe You!) and a bumper stick that says "GORE NOT CORE". Cattle is seriously one of my favorite bands of this year. Listen to their new album Monolith of Humanity now since it's so good and so you can be jealous that I heard it all live and you didn't. This is probably gonna be the album of the year for me, and Travis Ryan is definitely frontman of the year.

Cattle Decapitation
Headlining the show was everyone's least-favorite Death Metal band (for some weird reason), Six Feet Under. I left after Cattle to get soda and then my friend texted me they were playing a Cannibal Corpse song so I went back inside. I stood in the back and saw 'em. Singer Chris Barnes (loved his singing on the first three Cannibal Corpse albums - you know the band from Ace Ventura) has the most guttered voice ever. Most people hate it, but I think its actually pretty cool. He does this shriek where it sounds just like a whistle.  Im not sure why most people hate this band but I was pretty into it. They ended with Cannibal's most known song, Hammer Smashed Face (again, see Ace Ventura) and the biggest pit broke out. I went in one round and got a hammer smashed hand and left in super pain. They're a pretty cool band and I've heard their new album "Undead" is pretty good. We should all give that a chance.

Six Feet Under




T.Church said...

I loved Gypsyhawk when I saw them in Des Moines. Erik is a bad-ass guitar player, and also a bad ass bass player when he is with Scarlet Hamlet.