Monday, October 22, 2012

Bryan's List of Local Music Happenings 10/22/12

Each week Bryan Farland compiles a list of events and musical happening in Des Moines and the surrounding areas. It's such valuable information that we asked Bryan if we could share his information on the Bigfoot Diaries. Of course he agreed (we offered to give him a giant monkey-hug if he didn't). If you see something on here that is incorrect, or something that needs to be added, please let us know in the comments section below. Additions and corrections are always appreciated.

Also... If you have something on the radar for the following week that you want to be featured, please get the information to me by the Sunday before, or as soon as possible thereafter. We will do our best to get that info published.

Monday 10/22/12

Findley Family Fun Fest at the Greenwood 7:00
Old Man Markley at the Gas Lamp 7:00
Sara Routh at the Underground at 7:00

Tuesday 10/23/12

Ben Wantland at el Bait Shop at 8:00
Aaron and Rob Short at the Greenwood at 9:00
The Violet Lights at the Gas Lamp at 8:00
Brokencyde w/ Nathan Ryan, The Bunny The Bear, Switchblade Saturdays, Ignore the Script at Vaudeville Mews 5:00

Wednesday 10/24/12

Reeferseed Express at the Hull Avenue Tavern at 6:00 ($1.00 beers)
Sara Routh at Songwriters Night at Racoon River Brewery at 7:00
Stuttrin' Jimmy and the Goosebumps at el Bait Shop at 8:00.
The Swayback with the Surf Zombies at the Gas Lamp at 9:00
Onyx2 at Fire Creek, West Des Moines at 6:30... At Zimm's at 7:00
Stew Ramsey at The Greenwood  at 8:00
Big Gigantic w' Griz at Wooly's at 9:00

Thursday 10/25/12

Songwriter's Night: Jacob County, Nick Knudsen, Jami Beste, Ryne Doughty at House of Bricks at 8:00
Open Jam featuring Scott Long Band at The Gas Lamp at 9:00
Soul Searchers at The Greenwood at 9:00
Randy Burk at The Underground at 8:00

Friday 10/26/12

Work Release Party with Bob Pace band at Gas Lamp at 4:30
Stephanie Nilles at the Ritual Cafe at 7:00
Eric Hutchison - Almost Free Tour w' Jessie Payo at Wooly's at 8:00
The Wallflowers w' Trapper Schoepp and the Shades at Wooly's at 9:00
Thankful Dirt at The Greenwood at 9:00
Halloween Bash: Three Bad Jacks, Rumble Seat Riot at Gas Lamp at 9:00
Steve and Karen at Fire Creek, West Des Moines at 7:00
Damon Dotson at New Morning Coffee House and Wine Tavern, Grimes at 6:00
Randy Burk at New Morning Coffee House and Wine Tavern, Grimes at 9:00

Saturday 10/27/12

Pieta Brown w' Dustin Smith at Vaudeville Mews at 6:00
Matt Woods and the Thunderbolts at the Longest Yard at 9:30
Halloween Bash Part 2: Wooden Indian Burial Ground, and The Olympics at Gas Lamp at 8:00
Sleigh Bells w' AraabMuzik at Wooly's at 9:00
Can O' Worms at the Greenwood at 9:00
Ben Wantland at New Morning Coffee House and Wine Tavern, Grimes at 7:00
Josh Davis and Will Locker at New Morning Coffee House and Wine Tavern, Grimes at 8:30
Dago Mike's 40th Birthday Bash with Cirrus Minor, Agony of Defeat, Dying Eyes, September, Painface, The Cassandra Disease, and Richard Arndt at the House of Bricks at 5:00

Sunday 10/28/12

Tuk Tuk Goose Chase: Matt Woods at 10:00 AM, Dead Yellow Canaries at Noon, Joe and Vickie Price afterwards (3:00?), The Nadas at 5:00 at el Bait Shop
The Garner Band at Byron's, Pomeroy at 5:00
Community Jazz Center Hall of Fame at Adventureland Inn at 5:00
Slip Silo at el Bait Shop at 8:00
Crushed Out w' Liana at The Gas Lamp at 8:00
Stone Sour at Wooly's at 6:30 (SOLD OUT)

-Compiled and written by Bryan Farland