Saturday, October 20, 2012

CVEckian Presents: What the Frame?

Who wants to play a game? CVEckian has come up with one that will be a running distraction from time to time if it is well enough received. In this trial edition, the solution should be easy enough for any seasoned veteran of pulp culture consumption to come up with. The trick is to figure out what is in each of the individual panels, or at least figure out as many as possible. Then, based off what is in the panels, figure out what the overall theme of the puzzle is. Naturally, we here at the Bigfoot Diaries would be REALLY impressed if somebody was able to guess ALL of the frames correctly AND correctly guess the theme as well... Come on, give it a go!

Each panel is numbered. Simply list the item featured
in each frame with the corresponding number.
(Click to enlarge)

Eventually, and especially if this takes off, we will offer great prizes to those who are able to solve these puzzles. Prizes could be anything from bumper stickers and t-shirts, to concert tickets, etc. You can post your answers in the comments section, or if you wanna fly incog, feel free to email them to us at our Bigfoot Diaries Facebook page. As I said, this first edition is a trial run. But let's see how good your game is...

Also, if you have an idea for an overall theme, by all means let us know (in secret, of course, and we will give you credit if we do decide to use it)!