Tuesday, October 2, 2012

♪♪♪ Rocking the Vote: Election Selection Series ♪♪♪

In light of the presidential debates Wednesday night, we asked two rock and roll heavy weights to explain thier political views, and more specifically, why they are voting for thier respective candidates.

Tamra Lucid will be voting
for Obama
Taking the side of President Obama is Tamra Lucid, singer/bassist for Lucid Nation, the greatest rock and roll band you've never heard of. This DIY band hails from Los Angeles and has made a living promoting themselves from the ground up. Even though Lucid Nation was listed in 100 Bands You Need to Know by Alternative Press in 2002, and have hit #1 on the New Music Weekly college radio chart, they avoid corporate music like the plague and continue to make great music when seemingly nobody is watching. Their lineup reeks of legend...

Musicians include Patty Schemel of Hole, Warhol superstar Holly Woodlawn, Greta Brinkman of Moby's live band, L7 and Blondie, Jody Bleyle of Hazel and Team Dresch, Jean and Dave of Mecca Normal, Tia Sprocket of Luscious Jackson and Ministry, Ken Schalk of Candiria, Rob Cournoyer of Raging Slab and Sound of a Blue Heart, Steve Moriarty of The Gits, and Larry Schemel of Midnight Movies. (From the band's FB page)

Tamra Lucid discusses with us why she will be voting for a Democratic ticket in November.

What is the main reason you are voting for Obama?

While I think both parties are the good cop bad cop wings of Monsanto-Goldman Sach-Brawndo Inc. I can't be under the same tent as people who want to force any pregnant rape and incest survivor to bear the child of the man who attacked her. I realize not all GOP supporters hold such an extreme view, and some are even pro-choice, but if you're in the same tent with people who are passionate about that point of view, I can't vote for you.

What do you think that four years of Romney would bring to America?

I don't think four years of Romney will be all that dramatically different than four years of Obama. The fanatics empowered by a GOP victory would make life harder for women and the poor, and they would hold back progress on renewable energy, and other 21st century necessities while clinging to their 20th century dogmas and fuels. But they're already doing that in Congress.

What part of the Republican platform displeases you the most?

Most of the GOP platform is written as if to piss me off specifically.

What part of the Democratic platform do you like the most?

The platform doesn't mean balls. These fuckers say all the right things but when push comes to shove they usually wind up on their ass in front of some snickering Republican. If they really believe in the climate crisis, if they really care about how horrendous our schools are, if they really understand how important it is to end pot prohibition and clean up prisons for profit and the insanity of the drug war, if they really want women to have equal rights and opportunity, if they really believe women are smart enough to make our own decisions about our bodies, they have to stand up and confront the skeptics and the liars with cold hard facts. Most of them just play it safe and spend most of their time milking donors for more campaign money.

Are you voting more FOR Obama or more AGAINST Romney?

I think I already answered that question. I believe the most important thing America can do right now is get the money out of politics. Until we clean that mess up nothing will really change.

Ross the Boss will be voting for Romney

Taking the side of the Republican party is none other than Ross The Boss Friedman, guitar wizard who helped form Manowar, The Dictators, and more recently, the Manitoba Band. He has been featured in countless guitar magazines, is internationally respected as one of the world greats, and even had his guitar work featured in a MLB commercial for last year's All-Star game. He is an outspoken Republican, and makes no qualms why he will be marking a right wing ticket when he votes.

What is the main reason you are voting for Romney?

We have to have a person in the White House that has business experience . Knowledge of what it takes to create real jobs and wealth.

What do you think that four more years of Obama would bring to America?

Four more years of Obama in my opinion will fundamentally transform this country into the euro-socialist model that Obama admirers . Except all those countries are totally bankrupt and gone down the drain in economic failure.

What part of the Republican platform appeals to you the most?

I basically support the whole platform. Lower taxes, increased economic freedoms , create the atmosphere for for new business and jobs, jobs, jobs.  Less government involvement . Stop downsizing our military. Get folks off the government dole and back to working again. Cut our national debt!

What part of the Democratic platform displeases you the most?

The Democrat party has been co-opted by the far-left. It's led by the most liberal left-wing POTUS that's ever been. JFK is turning over in his grave knowing what has become of his party.

Are you voting more FOR Romney or more AGAINST Obama?

I'm voting for Romney/Ryan because I approve of the platform and against Obama to defeat their radical failing vision of the USA.


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