Monday, April 29, 2013

Limited Edition Bigfoot Diaries Prints For Sale

In our ever ending voyage to move forward and make this and the webcast a valid entertainment source, we are now making our show prints available to the public for $10.00 each. Every print is a 11"X 17" limited numbered edition and is made of the highest quality card stock. Many are signed by the show's guests.

Proceeds will go to maintaining business costs (PO Box fees, business cards, webcast production, etc.) These babies would look pretty freaking awesome hanging on your wall, don't ya think? 

We're happy to ship them if necessary - just add an additional $5.00 to the order to cover shipping charges. International rates may be higher. 

Artist: Magnus Sellergren

This print was designed by Swedish rocker and graphic artist Magnus Sellergren. He created it specifically for the purpose of generating revenue for the Bigfoot Diaries - a gift to us. What a guy, huh? He's a great artist too, and we are humbled by this incredible gesture. You can see his other artwork and hear his extensive music catalog by joining his Sellergren Design - Art is the Enemy Facebook page.

Artist: Cveckian

This print, created by our own incredible Cveckian, is from our first show in which we shared the studio with Pavement's Bob Nastonovich and local folk rockers The High Crest. Signed copies were made available for this print, but they sold out quickly. However, there are still a limited number of unsigned prints available for sale. 

Artist: Cveckian

This cool poster was also designed by Cveckian, and we still have signed copies available for distribution. It is commemorative of our 2nd show in which  Jeremiah Tuhn (owner of Brolester Records) was our in studio guest, and we were graced with the musical stylings of local outlaw Jacob County. Signed copies will feature both these local giants. 

Artist: Tom Bolan

Our third show featured Mitch Newman and John Price in the studio, along with Thankful Dirt, whom we consider musical royalty. This poster has a limited number of signed copies available as well, and would look great in any rustic setting. Artist Tom Bolan does amazing work, and his company, Artworx Design is well known in the area for being the go-to place for t-shirts and other graphic art needs. You can check out his website here!

Artist: Jason Boten

This poster was created for our infamous first show that never happened. A wicked snowstorm hit Des Moines on January 27th, and subsequently, we were forced to postpone our first broadcast. Nonetheless, this poster, created by local rocker Jason Boten (Nest of Snakes) represents that tabloid feel we were going for, and we were sorry that we couldn't fully utilize his artistry. Prints are available, however. 

Artist: Cveckian

Cveckian created this monster during election season. It was featured in the Bigfoot Diaries in our election special article, and it has generated a lot of positive feedback. It's iconic, and extremely timely. It would also look fabulous on a wall in your house or in your apartment. If you are interested in buying this print, or any of the others, simply send an email to with the poster(s) of your choosing. From there we will discuss payment options, and whether or not it needs to be shipped etc. 

We thank you for your interest and your support of the local arts! 

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