Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Deluge of Randomness

I've had a case of the anxieties lately... Not the real bad anxieties that require medication, but the anxieties that I generally get at this time of the year when it's just a few days to Christmas, it's freezing outside and  because life seems to be running at such a rapid pace, it's hard to determine if you are coming or going.

The blizzard we had three days ago knocked the phone out of commision and apparently it is at very bottom of the corporate Things to Worry About  list, as are the frozen water lines which are connected to my washing machine. But life isn't all bad... I've got this entire day off with no where to go, and nothing that needs to be done. Well... Except for the Chevy Impala-sized pile of laundry that continues to grow. I guess as long as the water pipes don't burst it's an excuse to be lazy, and I am OK with that.

I reset my Facebook page this morning... This will be my 2nd attempt at it. It was a drama factory for me in the past, and the last thing I need right now is drama of any kind. But because it is such an efficient way to communicate with people I know, I decided to reinstate it. I have the mind set that I can control the drama... Which I truly think I can, despite Essie's claim that I LOVE it.

She made pumpkin pies today and the cabin smells wonderful. I love it when Essie bakes... I am uniquely lucky in the fact that my girlfriend is a master at baking. During the summer she is famous with the staff here for her desserts, (see photo) and honestly, it is a part of my work that I do not mind surrendering. I know I am not as good at baking as she is, and as long as everybody else is happy, than I am more than willing to give up that dimension of my job. Besides it makes good practice for her and on days like today, I get to personally reap the benefits of her culinary skills.

Ahhhh... Yeah. Anyway.



Anonymous said...

WHAT IS THAT PIE IN THE PICTURE!?!?! I WANT! I WANT! looks sooooo good! also... please can you post your recipie for your cinnamon rolls? mmmmmmm they were soooo good!

Miss Doodles :oD