Tuesday, December 29, 2009

From the Archives: The Greatest Sport of All

As things wind down after Christmas, and we set the controls for the new year, I thought I would share a snipet of some of my favorite posts. This was first published on July 22, 2005 at my old site, the original Gooseneck.


No other sport in the world gets me more excited than women's beach volleyball. If I'm flipping through channels on the television and I happen to come across a women's beach volleyball match, an Army general might as well be yelling "A-10 Hut!" into my ear because I am instantly at attention.

I find myself gazing at the screen, marveling at the extreme level of competetion, the graceful athleticsm of the women involved, and the teamwork and drive of the ladies, intense with an un-yielding desire to reach that match point and snuff out the opponent.

By using crafty hidden signals to alert teammates of pending plays, the ladies rely on a moment's intuition to keep the opponent guessing what may be coming next.

Of course this keeps the defense on edge, as the signal is usually flashed out of their view from the back of the offensive leader to her teammates standing behind her. What a cunning stunt.

No other sport requires it's participants to wear less clothing, an obvious compliment to the agility and athleticsm of the women who play this wonderful game. It keeps them free to move around the court without feeling weighted down as it is a game of motion and endurance. Also it keeps their bodies cool in the hot sun. (The lack of clothing is also a reminder of the game's rich history, because afterall... Women's beach volleyball originated on the beach. Where it's usually very hot.)

A couple shots of hot beaches:

No sport is as exciting and flavorful as women's beach volleyball. It is visually virtually unmatched by every other sport in the world. And unlike my second favorite sport, baseball... It keeps my attention throughout it's entire duration. Sure, I might find myself spacing out into a day dream during a telecast, but the dreams are almost always in relation to the women's beach volleyball match, or at least it's participants... I couldn't say that about baseball.

Interestingly enough, I've heard that the Japanese feel the same way about Sumo Wrestling...

Hmmm. Weird fuckers, aren't they?



Essie said...

Great Blog....Loooveee it.

Len Cleavelin said...

De gustibus est non disputandum.

For myself, the day they made beach volleyball an Olympic sport is the day I developed outright contempt for the Olympics (as opposed to my earlier apathy about the Olympics). If beach volleyball and synchronized swimming are sports, then synchronized fucking should be an Olympic sport too. God knows I'd find that event worth watching, unlike the rest of the Olympics.


gooseneck said...

Yeah... Well said, Len.

But is synchronized swimming REALLY an olympic sport?