Sunday, December 6, 2009

Berrian is Fast, but Peterson is Faster

What is it with the Minnesota Vikings? First, star RB Adrian Peterson was stopped a couple of weeks ago by police and ticketed for driving 109 mph in a 55 mph zone, and now it's come to light that his teammate Bernard Berrian was stopped for driving 104 in a 60 mph zone. I know Minneapolis is well... Um... Minneapolis and not say... the mecca that New Orleans is... But it's still a huge city with plenty to do in terms of entertainment. There's a hell of a lot more to do than drive around breaking land speed records. I understand boredom. Trust me, I live in Iowa. However, I am pretty cool with taking a walk into the woods or making a trek down to the river with my fishing gear when I get bored. (Ok... I haven't fished in years... But just go with me here, ok?) In Minnesota, at least with the Vikings, they take it to the next level. Who can easily forget the 'Love Boat' incident a few years ago on Lake Minnetonka that involved Duante Culpepper, Fred Smoot and a few others on the Vikings' squad who turned a night of sailing in a luxury yacht into a full blown porn-calibur hooker cruise? To this day I can't watch Duante Culpepper play, or even hear his name without immediately envision him long-cocking some broad on the stern of that boat. Unfortunately, the old mantra What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas doesn't apply in Minnesota. Maybe there is a locker room bet to see who can drive their cars the fastest and Peterson and Berrian just happened to get caught. But that's my point... The Vikings ALWAYS get caught. The cops in Minnesota are BORED... And have nothing better to do than monitor stupid activities, and stop those doing them. When you are a Minnesota Viking, getting caught doing stupid activities is going to get your name in the headlines. Maybe the Vikings need to find SOMETHING else to do to cure their boredom. At this rate, Brad Childress is going to have to charter a bus just to pick up his players to get them to the games on Sunday because nobody will have a drivers' license. Someone clearly needs to take a leadership role here... But don't look at QB Brett Favre to be that person. Apparently Tuesday this week in Mississippi, he was clocked driving 48 mph in a 35 zone. "It's about all the ol' GMC could muster." he said as he taped the citation to the inside of his locker. "I had it at full throttle in 4th gear."