Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Don Waller And The Imperial Dogs

It's not too late to buy Christmas gifts online, and I have a great selection if you happen to be buying for me this year... Yeah. I know that is wishful thinking, but maybe worth a try... With the literal 10's of readers I must have accrued  by now, maybe one of you suckers has it in you to pitch out $24.00 and buy me a copy of the DVD The Imperial Dogs Live! At Long Beach (October 30, 1974).

It has been on my list ever since I read Dave's review of it over at Driver 13 and the Immortal Boogaloo. It is everything I look for in a concert video... Raw and rare footage filmed in black and white, delivered in early 70's mono sound. (Kinda like The Cramps Live at the Napa State Mental Hospital... Without the element of legal insanity?) Throw in the aspect that until reading the review I had never heard of these guys... And understand why I am hooked with curiosity.

The pictures of the band are pure 70's pre-punk, and if I had stumbled across an album in a record store, I would have purchased it based off the photos of the band alone. It just LOOKS like something that would deserve a listen, and it sends the vibe that it is something to behold, like a rare gem found in a dried up river bed.

But alas... As far as I can tell, no such album exists and if I am to satisfy my curiosity, then I must settle for the DVD. I am thinking that settle isn't the right word here, because what could be better than getting a visual concert along with the soundtrack? Yes... those photos with motion... And you already know that the band is going to rock... Such pictures do not lie.

So yeah... It was already on my list. Then unexpectedly Don Waller, the front man of the band shows up at Dave's blog and verifies/recounts the story of the video to Dave in the comments section of his post. Now... I do not get too many comments on this blog for whatever reason. It could be that I have no readers... Or maybe you fuckers are just really quiet... Who knows... Anyway, I make a post about The Stooges (See below) and Don Waller, who knows The Stooges, shows up here and leaves ME comments.

Now I have met several rock stars in my day, even a couple of icons... But as far as I know Mr. Waller, you are the first rock star to acknowledge reading my blog. And for that I am eternally grateful, and if one of my readers doesn't pull the trigger and buy me that DVD for Christmas, I swear to you, that after the first of the year when Christmas has calmed down to a managable financial level, I WILL purchase myself a copy, and review it on this site.

So yeah... Any takers?



David said...

Yeah, get this thing. What can I say, it's essential. Hopefully with the exposer from Ugly Things and if enough DVDs sell, possibly some music will get released. maybe a reissue of Unchained Maladies.

Len Cleavelin said...

I do not get too many comments on this blog for whatever reason. It could be that I have no readers... Or maybe you fuckers are just really quiet...

This fucker is just really quiet.



gooseneck said...

Heh... You always were the exception, Len!

Anonymous said...

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