Monday, December 21, 2009

Fantasies Aren't Supposed To End Like This

Brett Favre sucks again... But the Kansas City Chiefs suck even more.

Seriously. Is this how we in the kingdom of the Chiefs are supposed to chart progress, by losing to the Browns in week 15? I do not think so... I understand that Todd Haley is in his first season as the Chiefs head honcho but even I, way back this summer when the NFL schedules were first released, looked at this game as an easy victory. It's not the Indianapolis Colts for crying out loud... It's Cleveland. It seems to me that a team that was learning a new system under a new head coach would be systematically ready for the Cleveland Browns by week 15. If that isn't the opposite of progress then I don't know what is.

Along with the Chiefs losing to the Browns, I slipped out of the first seed in my fantasy football league playoffs with a devasting loss to the number 4 seed who is ironically named the KC Chefs... What a horrible coincidence that was. The best my team, The Skunk Apes can hope for now is to win next week to solidify 3rd place. Not bad for a 14 team league, but throw in the fact that I was 11-1 at one point, and then 11-2... Then I lost this week which happened to be the semi-finals of the playoffs... and yeah. The trend isn't hard to spot.

If that stupid Brett Favre could just show up to actually play one more game, then maybe I won't have to settle for 4th place.

Yeah. Wouldn't that be something?

I swear that sometimes I feel as displaced as a Nick Folk field goal.



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