Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sick Day

Essie stayed home sick yesterday with a nasty stomach virus. Well, I got it too, and today we both stayed home. It was the first time that we both stayed home together when we were both actually sick... Heh... And as you can imagine, it was a pretty uneventful morning and afternoon here in the ol' cabin in the woods. (I'm sure the house smelled of sickness and near-death.) The entire day was spent asleep, with Essie on the couch, and me in the bedroom. Finally, late this afternoon we managed to get ourselves up and around, and started the sanitation process. We made a quick jaunt into town to get some chicken soup, crackers and 7-Up. We left the windows open while we were gone so the house could air out. Essie made a great point as I dipped into my soup. "Why is it that when you are sick, the things you are never hungry for, sound so delicious?" So true... I thought. I never crave chicken soup. I feel well enough to consider going to work tomorrow, and Essie says she feels the same. I have the lower inevitible lower back pain that one gets from laying in bed all day, but overall I am just a little bit of stretching and a dose of Advil away from feeling normal... Aside from the tiredness that has engulfed me. It's 8:15, and Essie has already gone to bed... Which is where I am heading soon.