Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Bigfoot Diaries

A closed mind is a naive mind. We've had some beautiful weather here in central Iowa lately. This morning before work I took a drive through Ledges State Park with hopes of snapping a good photograph or two. From my house I could see a nice cloud of steamy fog lifting above the Des Moines River, and with the blue sky over head, I figured that I could find some photogenic spots. This picture was taken in the low valley. Straight ahead out of view is the Des Moines River, and you can see the fog that has settled above the water. The Ledges are just that... Rocky ledges and sandstone bluffs that tower up out of the Des Moines River Valley. It is a wonderful little piece of Iowa with clear water streams, some of which cross the windy road that snakes through the park. With miles upon miles of forest trails, it sits just on the other side of the hill where my house is. I took this picture from the valley because it was my best view... There is far too much tree cover to get a good photo from higher ground. I will have better luck this Fall. Nobody has asked me about the name of this blog. I call it the Bigfoot Diaries partly because of where I live... The densely forested Des Moines River bottom, and partly because if Bigfoot does indeed exist, he is only a chromosome or two from being one of us. Essentially we are all Bigfoot, in a daily struggle to sustain within our environment, without his obvious demands of privacy. I'm not saying that I do believe in Sasquatch necessarily, but I do believe in the possibility of his existence. There is a difference. It's fun to imagine that there is a creature out there that has the intelligence beyond that of our own, and the senses beyond those of common animals that live in the wilderness... You know... With a heightened sense of smell, sight, and hearing. I might try to explain exactly what my beliefs are from time to time, and offer a view that you might not be familiar with. I can't help it. I'm a geek when it comes to the weird and un-normal. And sometimes I'm a geek otherwise.