Friday, September 4, 2009

Farve from Over... A Vikings Fan's Perspective

It seems I've scored a ticket to the Monday night Vikings/Packers game in Minneapolis on October 5th.

My pal Eric, who is a season ticket holder, has an extra ticket. Eric is extremely passionate about his Vikings. He has been ever since we were kids when he had posters of Carl Eller and Jim Marshall hanging in his bedroom. Still though, he is a little bit jaded about the whole Brett Favre thing.
In the email to me in which he offered the tickets, he wrote:
Brett Farve in purple? I've seen it in person now, and it still don't seem right. From a Vikes fan perspective, I don't like the idea of enemy #1 being the Vikes quarterback. From a pure football perspective, he may have a good first half, but will he have anything left in the tank down the stretch? And if no, wouldn't we have been better with one of the other guys from the start...
...But in the end, I am a Vikes fan. If Billy (expletive) Ray Cyrus were their quarterback, I would shake my head, and cheer cheer cheer.
Question- how will Farve deal with being in the huddle with someone who is a MUCH BETTER football player than he is at this stage in his career?
I can only assume Eric is referring to Adrian Peterson, whom many consider to be the greatest and most promising player in the NFL today. (Personally, I think the addition of Favre to this lineup will help Peterson, as it will take pressure off of his running game.)
Flashing his true Vikings colors, Eric added:
He does get some bonus points from me for disrupting the Packer faithful with his drama.
Now it seems as if the Vikings might be willing to sell the farm because of Favre's arrival in Minnesota...
In light of the Matt Cassell injury situation in Kansas City, Tavaris Jackson might look pretty good in red and white.