Friday, September 11, 2009

Never Do This

Just for kicks I typed the word Google into Google's search engine, and clicked on the I'm feeling lucky tab. I sat in eerie silence for about ten seconds watching the screen, and instead of the page simply resetting itself as I imagined it would, the screen went blank and my laptop started emitting smoke from the disc drive. Frantically, I tried to shut it down via the Ctrl/Alt/Delete method but to no avail. After a loud sucking noise and a POP! my Dell vanished into thin air leaving a small puff of dust in it's place. It disappeared completely, taking it's shadow with it. The only thing that remains is a small black burn stain on my wooden desk top. (If you are reading this and wondering how I am typing this if my computer has disappeared... Um yeah... Wish I had a good answer for you.)



Tommy said...

Hey Goose,

Finally got a link up.

My apologies for the delay.

gooseneck said...

Wow I'm honored Tommy. You are the king!

Thank you very kindly.