Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ad Nauseum dept.

In light of just a couple of months of serious television watching, I have compiled a list of the most annoying commercials that are currently on the air... Let's go with the top 3. Progressive Insurance Ok... Who beat Crystal Gayle with an ugly stick... And why did they make her so socially inept... And put her in these super-annoying commercials? Somebody in a recent conversation actually told me they thought this chick was HOT. Yikes! Personally I do not see the appeal. If Progressive was the only car insurance on the market, I still wouldn't buy it... I would pay a lifetime of fines and court costs for not having insurance as opposed to actually rewarding these marketing geniuses for their ineptness. Oxi-Clean ...Or any commercial with Billy Mays in it. While he was alive, this guy scared me. Now that he is dead, he haunts me. The man with the spray on beard is insatiable... He could sell sand to an Arab, I swear... But it's his in your face buy this or the terrorists win! selling style that deters me the most. I wouldnt trust this guy with my daughter, (Who ironically enough is totally enamoured by him) and I certainly am not going to buy his product. Heinekin Lite

Where did they find these two rodeo clowns? Is it thier first time out in public... And when is it EVER cool when some drunk asshole spills beer on your seat at a sporting event? I cringe each time I watch this commercial. It's just wrong.

...On so many different levels.



Len Cleavelin said...

Sorry Goose, old buddy, but I have to disagree on Flo (the Progressive chick). There's just something about her I find totally hot, and I'd do her, eagerly, if I had the chance. And apparently I'm not the only one; she's got quite a cult following.

For what it's worth, though, the actress who plays her is puzzled at her appeal, so you're not the only one who feels that way.

gooseneck said...


To each his own, I guess... But I dont get it. Do you also find Joan Cussack and Fran Drescher sexy?

It's all good, bro. I have my wierd compulses too... Like Lois in Family Guy. But dont tell anybody.