Thursday, October 1, 2009

Opening Night

Back at work today... And what a day it's been. Just got home and missed the Capitals opener, but see that they pounded the Bruins 4-1. Essie has given me the OK to get the NHL season ticket on Dish, but I haven't pulled the trigger just yet... $160 is a lot of money that could be useful elsewhere... And it's not like we got it laying around. Still, the allure is SO strong. I think if I had Tivo, it would be a no-brainer. That way I could at least guarantee seeing the games when I work late, as I did tonight. Turns out the game was on Versus, and I could have watched it had I been here... Things seem to go like that, huh? Yes they do... That's a big ten-four good buddy! Maybe I should forgo the NHL season ticket, and upgrade to Tivo...



Anonymous said...

As much as I love hockey, I'd go with the TiVo, you'd get more out of it. Versus shows a couple games a week and do does ESPN. Record them for your hockey fix. I mean, would really watch more games than that? The Caps should get good air time, too, since they are favored this year.