Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday on the Rocks

I poured a drink this afternoon. Why not? After all, I am on vacation. It hasn't been much of a vacation to this point, though it is technically my 5th day into it... I've been lazy for the most part. Last night I did set up the portable home-made disc golf basket out in the yard. I tossed a few in from various points, even sinking a 60 footer with Essie as a witness. It felt good to throw again. It's been a long time, and too long actually. My plan is to set up nine pads making a nine hole putting course, with one or two pads far enough away to be considered driving range. Then I will put at will this fall and into the winter, and get really good just in time for it to be too freaking snowy/icy/cold to play. But it will be good to have something to do this fall, and work out some of the muscles that have been lying dormant for so long. So back to that drink... Once upon a time pouring a drink on a lazy afternoon would not have semed like anything for me to talk about. It was a normal thing to be drinking, or at least it seemed normal to me. I wouldn't think twice about whipping through a bottle of cheap whiskey or vodka, or a 12 pack of beer before 5:00 on a day off. But that was well over a year ago... Something happened with my system that made drinking less and less appealing. So when the thought to pour a drink this afternoon came to me, I balked. Almost immediately however, I thought What the hell, I'm on vacation. I poured four fingers of Ketel One over ice, and topped it off with the only mixable thing in my fridge, a splash of Sprite. The first sip was delicious, and it only seemed to get better each time I took a drink. I am now on my second glass, and let me just say that the Sprite has became less significant.

The sun is bright outside my window, The Cubs are on TV, and I am on vacation. And if I feel like it later, I might even go outside and work on those nine holes... But only if I feel like it. Hey... I'm on vacation!
Is this a beautiful country or what?



Len Cleavelin said...

Wondered where you'd disappeared to. I'll try to keep an eye out. Hope you enjoyed/are enjoying yer vacation.

Mark Shafer said...

Hope you carried on to build the frisbee golf course. The world can't have enough of them. I have three that I once frequented in Seattle. May be I should play again soon as I have been freed by the man in the bottle. ~Shafe...

gooseneck said...


The putting course is indeed intact. It's something I wish I had done earlier this summer, not in September.

The man in the bottle... I like that. And I totally get what you are saying.

Great to hear from you, bro.