Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day Meanderings

I woke up this morning at 5:30 to let Loo outside. He is a German Shepherd who is in our care this week until Thursday, and truly one of the greatest dogs of all time. He has a hankerin' for Beggin Strips and will do just about anything you ask of him to obtain one or two of those delicious treats. He's like Scooby Doo... Sometimes he has to be bribed with two "Scooby Snacks." But my point is, I swear this dog speaks English. If I tell him to make a goofy face for a Beggin' Strip, by golly he sticks out his tongue and crosses his eyes. Amazing. Essie and I made a video last night from the this blog's Consumer Reports dept. with Loo as the star. As soon as it gets edited, I will be sure to post it. Today is Veteran's day, and of course I want to acknowledge all of those who have done this country a wonderful service by serving in the Armed Forces. I appreciate the scarifices and the valor... I love this country with all my being, and I can't think of a way of life any different than the one I am living. This is all because of the Veterans and I am extremely thankful. I wish I had enough money to buy each and every one of you a beer today. By the way, Eric who was in the Marines has a great post at his site if you want some Veterans' Day inspiration. One of my favorite veterans is MIA so to speak... Haws left for Nairobi, Kenya last week, and I haven't heard from him for a few days. We chatted for a bit while he was in Dulles Airport awaiting his flight. He was to go on a safari this past weekend, and I totally anticipated hearing about it, or at least getting some pics in my inbox. But nothing yet... God's speed to you brother... Hope all is well in your base camp.