Saturday, November 28, 2009

Steeler Fan sees image of Troy Polamalu on Iron

When Pittsburgh Steeler fan John Bandwagon set out to "press a few shirts" yesterday he was shocked to see the image of his favorite football player on the bottom of his iron. "I plugged it in to heat it up and walked away." he explained. "When I came back several minutes later, I was amazed to see the face of T.P. staring up at me."

"I took this as a sign," he continued, "I think that despite his being listed as 'OUT' for tomorrow's game against the Ravens, he will indeed play. We (The Steelers) are going to need him too... Roethlisberger got the shit canned out of him last week against the Chiefs and frankly, without these two players, we might as well be the Cleveland Browns." Dennis Dixon is scheduled to start the game in the quarterback slot for the Steelers. He has thrown one pass in his 2 year pro career which he completed for a 3 yard gain. The Ravens have one of the most ferocious defenses in the NFL and must be foaming at the mouth in anticipation of welcoming this young player to his first NFL start. "I think he will do OK," said Bandwagon. "But I do not think he will have his 100% completion rating when this game is over." Raven DB Ray Lewis disagrees. "I'm going to sack this guy, gouge his eyeballs out, and feed them to the guys in the defensive huddle." When asked what would happen if Dixon got knocked out of the game Bandwagon didn't seem concerned. After a slight pause a smile formed on his face and he said, "Well, if that image on my iron has any validity at all, then I'm guessing that they would bring Polamalu in to play quarterback!" Hmmm... Sorry John Bandwagon. Looks like the Super Bowl Chumps are going to be 6-5 at week's end.



Charley said...

For once I think the image actually looks like Jesus, but I can see how a Steelers fan could see T.P. in it.

gooseneck said...

True Charley. That's kind of what this post is emmulating, that the cultish Steeler fans match their favorite players with an unmatched religious attribution.

Your blog is awesome btw. Great cause.