Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Wants Maintained

I have been asked for my Christmas list a few times now, but have yet to come up with anything hand written. My responses has been pretty evasive I must admit... Usually, "I don't need anything. My life is perfect!"... Which doesn't really help anybody out who might have me in mind when Christmas shopping, or had the misfortune of drawing my name out of a Secret Santa hat. I'm sure I'm a bugger to buy for because the Pisces in me shifts gears so often, that I'm likely to want something one day, and not at all the next. There are however, a couple of things that I have maintained on my want list that would fill the void in a holiday shopping spree if anybody was so inclined to fill that void. Nothing on the list is terribly expensive, but might be hard to locate, as there probably is a reason (especially with the music) that I do not have it already. It's really hard to find certain bands here in Iowa... I'm not sure why... It's quite weird actually. I'm not a big online shopper, which narrows down my search quite a bit. The stuff I have bought online has been mostly sports shirts/jerseys directly from the source. For all the right reasons I am a bit paranoid about buying CD's on Amazon, or through Ebay. So without further adieu... My list of wants maintained: CD's Iron Maiden (Anything) Rollins Band (Anything) Hemlock (Anything) Bevis Frond (Anything) Slayer (Anything) Neil Young (Prairie Wind) Junior Brown (Anything) 311 (Music) Grateful Dead (Mars Hotel) Queens of the Stone Age (Anything) The White Stripes (Anything) T-Shirts (XL) Johnny Cash Iron Maiden Rollins Band Washington Capitals DVD's Looney Tunes (Spotlight Collection Vol. 3) Grateful Dead (Downhill from Here) The Grateful Dead Movie Monty Python (Live at the Hollywood Bowl) (New) Land of the Lost So yeah. It's quite simple really. I am not that hard to shop for... This list is handy, and will be intact the next time my gears shift. In other words, it wont change. Thankyathankyathankyaverymuch...



Essie said...

Saweeettt christmas list :)

Teresa said...

I buy all kinds of things from Amazon. Only had one issue (back when they were using DHL for delivery) and Amazon resolved it with no problems.

I've gotten any number of DVD's through them although I'm not much of a CD person, I've even gotten a few CD's. I've also done some DVD and book buying through (owned by Ebay, that's outright sales - no bidding).

Looks like that list will make it simple to shop for you. LOL.