Friday, November 13, 2009

Another from the Consumer Reports dept.

This beautiful German Shepherd is Loo. We were fortunate enough to have him this week while his owner was out of town. He truly is one of the greatest dogs I have ever been associated with... Personality-wise and behavior-wise. While he was with us, he provided us great companionship. It also provided an opportunity for me test a product for the Consumer Products department. This is a package of Beggin Strips from Purina: See how the dog on the package is reacting to the product? He looks super excited, like he is crazy with anticipation about the taste of this bacon and cheese product. Sure... it's just a cartoon, but whenever I've seen this product, I've always wondered if that was a genuine reaction. Would Loo be equally excited when offered a Purina Beggin Strip? Could I get that same reaction from a real dog... Or is the cartoon dog just an exaggeration... A marketing ploy to sell an inferior product? I decided to show Loo the product, let him smell it, and then immediately take his picture. I was a little bit surprised by his reaction: Seems to me that this is a great product. The reaction I got from Loo was shockingly close to what the picture of the dog on the package represented. Loo actually loved the Beggin Strips so much, I sent a couple extra packages home with him. I (and Loo too) absolutely give this product a thumbs-up. Nice job Purina!



Len Cleavelin said...

Beautiful dog. GSDs have always been my favorite!

Essie said...

I love you Loo :)