Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thoughts of Random

It's too cold to be outside without long sleeves on, and it's already dark at 5:30. I guess I might as well get used to it, another summer is in the books. Nonetheless, I have fired up the ol' charcoal grill with anticipation, as I have two big hamburger patties wrapped up tight in foil along with the obligatory shadow of sliced green peppers, potatoes and carrots. Where I work they call these Hobo Dinners, but I have always called them Foil Packs. Whatever they are called, there is nary a more delicious meal to be served, anywhere. I would eat them on a plane, and I would eat them in the rain. I freakin' love Foil Packs. Essie is working hard in the back room making jewelry for a craft sale that is coming up in a few weeks. She is quite good at making beaded bracelets and ear rings with sterling silver components, and hemp necklaces too. It's just something that she picked up a few months ago, and has developed quite a knack for making very unique and artistic jewelry. It's all for sale... So if you have a mother or an aunt, girlfriend or a wife to buy for this Christmas, I'm sure we could work something out... I'd be happy to ship it! The Usual Suspects is on television... This might be my favorite movie of all time. It's one of the few movies ever made that will make me stop what I am doing to sit and watch. That is unless there are Foil Packs on the anticipated horizon. Aint nothing gonna get in the way of that favorite delicacy...



Anonymous said...

MMMMMM Foil Packs would be one of my favorite cookout meals :-p
Miss Ya Mr Cheese
- Miss Doodles