Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday Bloody Sunday

I am off for the rest of the week... Just made a 4 mile beer run in my pajamas. Also picked Essie up a potato bowl at KFC. But none for me. Never had one myself. I guess I like my mashed potatoes just fine without all that crap in them. Every once in awhile somebody creates something that is perfect and doesn't need to be tampered with. That point was made quite eloquently by the late great Funkomatic who said, 'Perfection don't need no correction'. A bowl of mashed potatoes is a tremendous feast by itself, and when ANY kind of gravy is added, it becomes a sacrament. Why go Jihad by adding corn, chicken and MSG to it? Beer is another one of those creations that can't be fixed. Yes, there are many varieties... Pale ales, wheat beers, bocks, dark beers, lime beers... And 200 other varieties for you to choose, each one a perfect potion of magical power like a genie in a bottle. I even found the Clamato beer Bud Lite offered last summer to be quite delicious and I hate tomato juice mixed with clam juice. But yeah. I am on vacation... Yesterday was near-perfect. Had I not had to return my daughter to her mother's house, I would probably rack it up right up there with my first birthday, the day I lost my virginity, and that one day back in '98. I watched the Chiefs topple the defending Super Bowl champions as I ate my Thanksgiving meal. There are enough Steeler fans in my family to make that situation interesting, and being the only legitimate Chiefs fan in the house, I caused a ruckus at meal time. The greatest moment during the entire meal was a conversation heard at the kids' table. "Whats going on?" "Tory's dad's team is beating Brianna's dad's team." "Oh." That's when I said that the Steelers' playing in the Super Bowl last year was a fluke... Which was a snappy answer to a point my sister was trying to make about... Well... Last year. The next thing that happened was an all-out brawl, with fisticuffs and flung food. Uncle Harvey managed to wheel Granny from the table before Thomas, my cousin, took a punch from my sister-in-law. He fell backward and crashed into the table, flinging food in every direction. My brother managed to fend himself from Aunt Jane while my sister was no where to be seen. (Later I heard she was in the bathroom.) My father was half way through a big bite of cheesy potatoes when my mother smacked my uncle Tim with a bowl of stuffing... "He 'fell' into me as the table exploded," she said, wiping gravy off of her shirt. The dining room was destroyed. Still, I felt an overload of joy from the Chiefs' victory. I was unscathed from the brawl, left entirely out of the fisticuffs. It was great to watch the Pittsburgh fans in my family beat each other up... Them Steeler fans are an emotional bunch. I wondered if there was a song out there named "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now." I figured there probably was, and that would be the song of the day, if that song did indeed exist. It definitely applied to the Chiefs victory. I love my family... But I hate me some Steelers. And I sure hated taking Tory back to her mom's...



Essie said...


it was more like we all had you backed into a corner, beating the shit out of you for dissin our TEAM.... :)

But.....deep down I am happy for you and your Chiefs

<3 U