Sunday, March 18, 2012

OFF!-Random Warehouse-Downtown LA- 2/4/12

  Once again I see every ones new favorite Punk band,OFF! which of course has members Keith Morris(Black Flag/Circle Jerks),Dimitri Coats(Burning Brides),Steven McDonald(Redd Kross,etc),and Mario Rubacalva(Rocket From The Crypt,Hot Snakes,Etc.). When the band first debuted in 2010 they immediately got recognition and love from fans all over. They released a CD that had and was called "First Four Eps" which was really good. OFF! is once again in the studio and ready to release their first full length self titled.

    They day before OFF! had announced on Face Book they needed extras for a music video shoot in some warehouse in LA. My friend told me to go and we did. Tho 700 people "Liked" the post,only around 20 showed up. And I'm glad cause that warehouse was crammed full of random junk and we fit perfectly. The bands gear was set up in the middle of a skate ramp. The director told us just to go crazy,in other words just to mosh as if it was a regular show. Keith thanked all of us for being there and right away played a new song. We all went nuts moshing in circles. There was some old songs that we snag along too. At one point the director even laid down in the middle of the pit to shoot us dancing. After 10 songs it was over. They all thanked us again and gave us free water bottles. I was in the pit most of the time so I left freaking tired. When the video gets released ill post it here. OFF!'s new album comes out May 8th. Its gonna rule. Trust me.