Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Maw: Shark Attack live in Des Moines 3/10/12

Bigfoot Diaries tech master CVEckian filmed a recent performance of The Maw at the House of Bricks in Des Moines. In the production of this video he pulled out all of his tricks, leaving nothing on the table. The back story to the making of this video is pretty intense... I know because I received periodic updates during the chroma key, the color overlay, the rendering and uploading process. I quickly began to recognize the grandeur of these processes, and while secretly feeling impatience in anticipation of the final product, I admired CVEckian for his tenacity to make sure that every little piece was placed in it's rightful place in time and image.

He explained to me how he had to break the audio (which was originally recorded into two holes on his camera microphone) into three seperate tracks. With one he left the same, but on another he stretched it to a lower frequency (bass-wise) and the other to a high one, increasing and decreasing the volume to match the best result. Then he layered all three sounds together to produce the final audio which is what you will hear on the video. At least to my unknowing mind, it seems to be a hell of a process.

This video is a first of a kind for the Bigfoot Diaries, and the final product is well worth the wait.


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