Sunday, March 18, 2012

Deafheaven-The Smell,Los Angeles, 3/9/12

   In June after I saw Deafheaven I fell in love with the band. Seeing them live was so amazing I had to again. I ended up taking the bus by myself. I had to be in the front singing a long this time. I went,and luckily there was no line(that place is always crowded I didn't get in last time). Got in,was surrounded by hipsters,and waited. I was excited as fuck.

      First band was a Post-Rock band named Marriages. They have members of Red Sparrow and there was a bunch of people there to see em. Female fronted and loud. Not my thing. But they had a fan base.
   Up next was another Female fronted band,Whirr(formally known as Whirl) This band had a lot of fans as well. They played Shoegaze music and had Deafheaven member Nick Basset who plays guitar. Once again I couldn't get into it much. They had their moments but I wasn't a fan. I later complemented the bass players T Shirt. It had Kane the wrestler on it.

       Like the last Deafheaven show, One of my favorite Grindviolence bands opened again. DNF(Duke Nukem Forever with members of Trash Talk and Touche Amore) have been playing again(they hardly did before) and have changed their sound a tad bit. There is a Sludge/Hardcore vibe in them now,but still a badass band. The singer looked pissed as he was on stage. He screamed and a pit finally broke out. Last time I didn't enjoy them due to their microphone being busted,but I realized they don't really need one. He was pissed and loud. I was upfront for this band enjoying their set. They finished. After the show I told em I loved their set and thanked me. Much more fun than the last time I saw em. Go catch em live. I found a flyer for an add for their new HURT 7' that should be out March 20th. Til then get their old stuff here. DNF Discography.

      Finally I get to see Black Metal/Shoegaze/Post Rock or has haters call em "Hipster Black Metal" Deafheaven once again. Like I said last time they aren't your typical BM band. Don't expect corpse paint,satanic lyrics or upside down crosses. These guys are unique. Instead of dressing like Immortal they actually look like Joy Division. It finally got crowded(the hipsters left for a bit when DNF was on). They went on stage. While trying to set up a drunk fan(who may have known them) was yelling stuff at the guitar player for wearing a Hate Forrest shirt(a National Socialist Black Metal band. In other words... a Nazi band). The guitar player was just laughing it off  since the band has already gotten shit for that shirt before when they had toured the U.K. I assure you him or the other members are NOT raciest at all. After being a called a Nazi,singer George finally hit the stage and the lights turned off. With the long intro of Violet the singer held onto his mic stand(reminded me a lot of Ian Curtis) while rubbing his hands all over him self to get into the evil zone. He started to scream his ass off,as did I. The energy in the room was amazing as people where just yelling nonsense to him. I had my hand up screaming most of the time. He grabbed my hand in some point and we screamed nonsense at each other(Not gay at all). During Language Games I head banged my ass off and and I got the mic for a few seconds. George then flew on to the crowed and and we threw him back stage. He continued to sing his beautiful evil music while shouting at peoples faces. George once again threw himself to the crowed and we carried him for a minute. He got back and finished his set. After the show I told him how much I loved the show,the album,and the band. He thanked me and asked if i was the person upfront. He said he only see flashes with all the cameras. I got a free poster and waited for my ride. Deafheaven is truly a phenomenal band to see live. They only played 4 songs(each songs is 10 minutes, I usually listen to 40 second songs.).I loved it so much. If they come near you,you MUST see them. And you MUST listen to their album Roads To Judah(#3 album of 2011 according to me)and the Demo.. Amazing just amazing.
Language games
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Horrible fuckin' hipster band! I hate them and want to crush each one of them with a steamroller.