Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Maw Record New EP: Shark Attack

This past weekend, prog rockers The Maw spent a day and a half at the Skyline Audio Studios in Des Moines recording their new EP. This is the second time that the band has utilized engineer Garrett Wilson's expertise at Skyline. Their first EP, 1937 was recorded in the Fall of 2010.

Forrest Lonefight lays down guitar tracks for the EP's title track.
"True art happens when all involved are of one accord." said keyboardist Erik Brown, who also handles vocals for the band.  "We all have those albums that we know every song from and were life changing. Our music feels that way to us, but its very difficult to get that across on recording."

He added, "We have found an engineer in Garrett Wilson who has the same vision we do, and that is to tap into the cortex and share it with the world. As we have grown as songwriters and performers so has our engineer and we wouldn't trade our experiences at Skyline Audio for all the PBR in the world."

The new EP will consist of three tracks familiar to those who have seen them play live. "Bong," "Buddy System" and the title track "Shark Attack" are on the roster. While it might seem lacking, it's important to remember that each song is meticulously arranged and lasts 5-6 minutes or more each. There is also to be a hidden track on this EP, an interlude.

"Really. It's an interlude that's hidden." says Erik. "So I think we consider it a three song EP with a surprise."

Garrett Wilson in the control booth at Skyline
This is the first time that that The Maw entered the studio with drummer Justin Bristow, who joined The Maw at the end of last summer.  While he has previous studio experience with the currently defunct $trick-9, this time he was greeted with the dreaded sophomore curse.

"I nearly collapsed the whole recording process on my own." He said. "I halved the time we originally intended to track by not being able to be there all of Friday, and I found out my snare had a metal clasp crack and break off at some point recently. I had to use a studio snare with my new head and a makeshift tuning to get it to where it sounded similar. We were looking down the barrel of the gun to even be able to track the drums in the time we booked as the pressure to play each track in one to two takes in order just to get by was mounting."

Garrett Wilson's engineering expertise and his calmness throughout the near-debacle might have been a saving grace, at least in terms of saving time. "Working with Garrett was one of the best experiences I've ever had in the studio." Justin explained. "He knew exactly what I wanted when I would communicate with him, and we banged out the drum tracks in a little less than three hours."

Bassist Joseph Antleman couldn't agree more. "He is laid back, easy to work with, and willing to give his honest opinion during the recording and mixing process." He said of Garrett. "The Maw love our relationship with Skyline Audio and Metro Concerts."

Erik Brown and Joe Antleman, watch as Garrett Wilson
engineers Forrest Lonefight's guitar tracks.
The Shark Attack EP will be available for distribution this summer. You can bet that Bigfoot Diaries readers will be the among the first to know exactly when that happens.


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