Sunday, March 18, 2012

Andrew W.K.-The Glasshouse-Pomona CA- 3/10/12

     I won tickets to see Andrew W.K. If you don't know who he is,chances are you've seen him on TV somehow. You may recognize him from VH1 interviews,his 2000's music video for Party Hard,or someone young may know him from Cartoon Network show Destroy,Build,Destroy. Its really hard to classify him into a genre. Hard Rock/Alternative/Metal/sometimes Punk pops out. Point is,He makes fun music. Nothing too aggressive. Just music you'd play if you threw a party with teenagers and alcohol. This tour was special because he was going to preform his first album, I Get Wet, in it entirety.
      I missed the first band,but I saw their touring opener Math The Band. This 2 piece is also very hard to describe. They guitar player singer,and the female keyboard player(and other stuff?) also sings. They mix electro music,rock,and hell i don't know. Rock N Roll with Nintendo video games soundtrack. Very fun and a perfect opener for Andrew WK(who they are highly influenced from). I gotta check their stuff out.

   Andrew was up next. I wasn't used to the this type of audience before. Majority of em where women and the dudes that where there were dressed pretty normal. Your typical AWK fan from what I can tell already had something to drink,goes around hi five-ing everyone,is in a super good mood,and is trying to crowed surf before any music is even playing. I got my way to the front. He started with Its Time To Party and the whole audience began to dance(not mosh) and sing a long. His hit from the millennium "Party Hard" began and I was singing a long with everyone else. During the whole set random fans would jump on stage and dance with Andrew WK. He would talk to some of them while on stage. Some dude said he drove from Iowa just to party with him,another kid gave him his fury coat,and he he sang "She Is Beautiful" to a random girl on stage. With people dancing everywhere it was truly something i haven't experienced before. After he finished the album he did an encour with 5 songs. I tried to crowed surf to "We Want Fun" but no luck. It was truly a fun show. I talked to the guitar player after the show. Really cool dude. Go see him live if you have the chance. And get I Get Wet,you wont regret it. Party Hard!
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  3. We Want Fun