Saturday, March 24, 2012

KISS-Jimmy Kimel Live,Hollywood CA, 3-20-12

   When I was 11 I first heard KISS for the first time in a video game. As soon as I heard "Rock N Roll All Night" I fell in love with the song like most people do all over the world. In The video game that my Grandma got me(Tony Hawks Underground) had a level in which you skate in a KISS concert while the band is playing a song. Gene Simmons was an unlockable player in the game and two of his special skate moves where grinding on rail while breathing fire on his skateboard and the other one grabbing his board with his huge tongue on the half pipe. Besides Gene I loved the whole make up,explosions,and of coarse the music. 8 years later (especially the last 2 since I really got into Heavy Metal giving Punk Rock a break) I was super excited to find out they where do a mini show at Jimmy Kimmel  for free. Tho it would only 4 songs,seeing them upfront close and personal with out paying a body part,it something to take advantage of right away.

   After driving there(guess who got there license?) paid $2 parking,and got in a huge line,I finally got in. Unlike the times I saw Slayer,Ozzy,and Rammstein there,The line this time was huge. While the risk of getting in seemed at risk,I got in. The TV was on the side while Jimmy Kimmel was interviewing people. Some actress Ive never heard of and my favorite rapper Ice Cube,who said was a KISS fan. Finally Kiss hit the stage. The 11 year old me couldn't stop clapping and cheering them. Tho original members  Peter Criss and Ace Frehley(my favorite member) arn't in the band anymore,seeing Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley that close up got me excited. Jimmy introduced them,then guitar player Tommy Thayer started the riff to Detroit Rock City and I started jumping and singing along. Me and the some of the crowd(lot of old boring farts there) started jumping and singing and dancing. Gene was there sticking his tongue out while Paul kept pointing at people. Drummer Eric Singer kept playing loud. After that was over Jimmy asked the band about the upcoming tour with Motley Crue(LAME!!) and asked them a few questions. They came back to stage and did Calling Dr. Love for the credits. Again I sang and danced to one of my personal favorite songs. After KISS gave us two special songs that wern't aired on TV, Cold Gin and Shout It Loud. Everyone left freaking happy. If your loaded and have a good job go see em with Motley Crue but go late so you wont be bored out of your freakin mind. Its really hard to choose one KISS CD to start out with so I suggest a Greatest Hits album,I don't usually recommend those but KISS ones are a must for beginners. KISS wasn't lying when they say they're the hottest band in the world.
 Here's the TV airing of the show.
And another
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One of your best entries! Funny, witty, and entertaining. Keep writing TurlexBoy.