Saturday, September 25, 2010

Testing... Check. Check. Check Me Out...

I have a new template, not that there was anything wrong with the old one. It's just that this one is kind of neat and I am going to go with it for awhile.

I would love your feedback... I will be experimenting with different font colors and what not, and I would like it if you would tell me what works well and what doesn't. White seems to be the default color, which works pretty well. I do know that the normal Navy Blue doesn't show up so much on the black background... And while the bright blue seems to work nicely on the sidebar, it gets a little redundant for general text. It starts to get that telephone chord 3-D effect going...

Wait a minute... What am I thinking? This is 2010. Who knows what a telephone chord is?

Also if you will note, there is a "Reaction Tab" at the bottom of each post where you can just click a box if you think a particular post is funny, interesting or cool. That makes it a bit easier for the readers who don't want to mess with the comment box's inefficiencies, but would still like to respond. From playing around with it, it seems that only one vote can be recorded for each post from each computer... In other words, you can't vote "funny" every time you log in.

Well, actually you can, because it resets itself each time the page is refreshed. However, it will only actually lock in one vote for each post... I think.

So enjoy. Leave feedback. Have fun... And let me know what works and what does not.

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