Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stalking Alone

A couple of weeks ago on the Bigfoot Diaries Facebook fanpage a young lady named Lori Simmons left an interesting message.

I'm publishing my Dad's book called Tracking Bigfoot. He lost his battle to cancer and the book donates to cancer research. He tracked Bigfoot for 28 yrs and lived in the North Cascade Mt. for 30 yrs. Check out the website!

At first I searched for the obvious clues... This had to be spam. It had that same element to it that you see on the other fan pages when you know without a doubt what the message's true intention is.. For instance, on the Kansas City Chiefs fan page somebody named Francisco Rodriguez Caballero wrote: Realizing the need for additional income, I started to investigate the world of network marketing. I'm so glad I found it!! Finally, here is a system that really does remove the barriers to financial success! Great products, great support, and a proven system. What more can anyone ask for? Francisco then provides a link under the title: I've never had this much fun saving money.... Yeah Right. Spam if I ever saw it.

Lori's message wasn't as bold, nor was it off topic... It actually fit the theme of the page, at least in the spirit of Bigfoot. So I clicked the link. It actually took me to her blog page and not some scammer's paradise who now has my IP address locked into it's spam delivery system. Lori's message WAS real, and she is real serious about what she is doing.

Don Wallace

Her father was a Bigfoot hunter, one of those guys who dedicated his life to solving a mystery that he had a first hand personal experience with. Ok, "hunter" is too strong a word. Actually he just wanted to get the million dollar photo. He wanted to prove to the world that Bigfoot does indeed exist. He tried let Bigfoot know he meant no harm and would always carry an apple and place it close to the den.

He died of cancer before his quest was rewarded with that world changing photograph, so his daughter (Lori) and her brother Mike are doing their part to continue the search in their father's name, and are going to publish a book about their experiences. $1.00 from each book sold will go to the American Cancer Society to help fund cancer research. Lori and Mike know their father's old hunting grounds, and they are going to lead expeditions in their father's footsteps in hopes of making a discovery. Those expeditions will lead to the afore mentioned book. 10 percent of the money raised from each expedition will got to Cancer research, and an additional 10 percent will go wildlife preservation.
From Lori:

Donald Wallace used to do outdoor articles a long time ago on hunting and fishing. It included calling in predatory animals. One was in Western Outdoors Magazine and the others were in Fur-Fish-Game Magazine. It took place in the late sixties and early seventies in Ohio, California and Washington. Don lived in the North Cascade Mt. for the past 30 years in a small town called Marblemount population 252. Marblemount is a charming close-nit town.

It was 28 years ago when Don encountered his first Big Foot experience. Don and his brother Herb knew of there being a gold mine and they were curious and wanted to check out the area. They paired up with their sons. Don heared his brother Herb yell from up ahead. Don and Mike hurry to see what it is all about. Herb and his son came across a large human-like foot print…Big Foot! Just then they got an eerie feeling. The hair on their arms stood straight up. Herb looked at Don and says,” Let’s get out of here!” The look on Don’s face said the same. They felt like something was watching them in the dense forest. They all hurried out of there and looked back making sure nothing was following them. They heard the sounds of brush behind them. It sounded like someone was chasing them out of the woods. The steps got louder as they hurried out of the forest. It was one of the scariest moments they ever had in the woods. That was the beginning of Don tracking Big Foot.

An excerpt of STALKING ALONE as told by Donald Wallace:

This time, though, I decided to move very slow, stopping periodically to carefully look around, slowly moving my head from left to right. I picked my way around dry sticks or anything that would be noisy. I ended up back at the small, broken tree, and then I shoes a grown-over depression, heavy in short foliage, to just sit and wait for awhile. I chose this depression so I’d be less conspicuous. Almost right away I heard a noise down the slope from me and distant. I thought there must be somebody in there. Pretty soon I heard another noise off to my right, and now was another sound behind me, not very pleasant!

The wood-rapping sounds were more occasional and not constant. I tried to carefully see through the brush and trees in hopes of getting the ultimate picture, my main goal right now. Suddenly my uneasiness worsened. I could feel the hair starting to raise on the back of my neck. Also, I could feel the vicious stares from some giant anthropoid unbeknownst to me. It was worse than the time I called in a mountain lion, crouched ten yards behind my back. There was no comparison from the mountain lion stares and these stares—I have since referred to as laser eyes. I try to take pride, and in the past had bragged a little about being fearless, but these piercing stares followed by a strong feeling of grave danger was pushing it.

It seems I live close to Big Foot habitat and in any direction from my place. I am very fortunate to be so close to a number of opportunities on the wild side, and also able to do it after all the negativity not that long ago.

I had a five-year bout with bladder cancer—thirteen procedures and operations, with the last one a ten hour surgery and having the bladder removed May 2007. Every day I wake up is a good day and I thank “Man Upstairs” I’m able to participate. I have some issues but very grateful to still be able to hike the back country and enjoy some of this beautiful land. Words alone can not express my feelings!

Donald Wallace lost his battle to cancer on April 14, 2010

Summer of 2010 Mike and Lori Continue Their Father’s Legacy

After the passing of their father’s death they needed to fulfill a promise to him. That promise was to share their dad’s knowledge of tracking Big Foot. It was their father’s dying wish to publish his book called Tracking Big Foot.

While they were growing up their Dad always told them Big Foot stories and they always knew there could be a real life Big Foot living in the forest somewhere. So after the passing of their father’s death they set off to track Big Foot on their own together. They hiked the same trails their Dad hiked knowing it was dangerous for them. They knew the places they would be going their Dad would never allow it for their own safety. They felt a need to feel closer to their Dad and his presence was everywhere. Mike and Lori end up with their own Big Foot discoveries and learn that their father’s stories are true. Their father’s legacy continues.

Lori Simmons and her father, Donald Wallace

The book Tracking Big Foot will donate $1 for every book sold to cancer research to save more lives.

In memory of  Donald Wallace

The Bigfoot Diaries will keep you updated with the release of this book, and with additional follow-ups from Lori and Mike.



TooRisky said...

I have spoken with Lori and she is the real deal... I am a co-Founder of WASRT ( and she has approached us for, well I wont say assistance but more for confirmation and comradeship. We have extended the olive leaf for her accompany us out into the field and if we fit what we both want she is free to join...

Just saying she is for real and no fake or spammer...

Steve "TooRisky" Schauer

PS Look forward to her book, should be a big seller in the BF community...