Monday, September 27, 2010

The Man of your Dreams

In my daily pursuit of all that is contrary to the ordinary, I stumble across some pretty weird websites. I came across this site about a week ago... And haven't had a normal night's sleep since.

It involves this man...

...And his uncanny ability to occupy people's dreams.

Now, unintended humor is always the best, but I truly believe that this site is trying to be legit. I mean come on... Hundreds of people cant be wrong, can they? Apparently that is about how many people from all over the world who claim to see this man in their dreams each night.

Flyers showing his face have been printed and are being posted in almost every country, and everywhere they get posted somebody claims to have seen This Man - as he is called - in their sleep.

Now, I do not recall having had a dream with this fellow in it BEFORE I visited this site, but now that I have, I am having dreams of this man every single time I shut my eyes.

Even when I blink this man's face appears in my mind... And I'm pretty sure I saw his face this morning in a bowl of leftover gravy when I was reaching into my refrigerator to grab some eggs.

This man looks a lot like that creepy Billy kid that I sat next to in my high school biology class. I always wondered how he would turn out, but really haven't given him much thought since about 1986... I never would have guessed that he would be in the dream-inhabiting business.

But then again he was pretty strange.

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Len Cleavelin said...

If I start dreaming about this guy, now, I'm blaming you.