Friday, September 10, 2010

SHE'S (coming) BACK!!

In my email box this morning:

Hi Troy,

Wanted you to know that I'm headlining House of Bricks on Thursday November 4th. Yeah Aron (for bringing me back&giving me the chance)!!! Now I just hope enough people will come so Aron will bring me back. I wanted you to be the 1st to know.


That's right folks... The Fabulous Miss Wendy is coming back to Central Iowa!  She will be playing the House of Bricks on November 4th. This is a Thursday, so maybe you can even get a nice three day weekend out of the deal.

Apparently The Bigfoot Diaries was the first to know... The House of Bricks website hasn't even updated her return yet. If you are a regular reader of this greasy internet rag then you remember how it all went down the last time Miss Wendy was scheduled to perform.

It was a very bad night for her which transpired into what has to be one of the greatest rock and roll comebacks in the history of the genre. Instead of sulking and calling it quits she used the experience as motivation to come back harder and faster than ever, and she has been super busy recording new stuff; even doing some vocal work for Kim Fowley's new film Black Room Doom. (Kim Fowley of course is the legendary record producer/film maker who made his biggest stretch mark on the business when he managed the Runaways in the 1970s.)

Kim Fowley and Fab (Used by permission from K.F.)

Kudos to Aron and Metro Concerts Live for bringing The Fabulous one back... This is going to KICK ASS!