Saturday, February 2, 2013

Winterthrall-The Vex,Los Angeles,-2/1/13

This benefit show was for the "Metal Dude's Cat Book". It's a book coming out soon with pictures of metal heads with cats. 'Cause they go together like PB and J. Money also went to a no-kill cat shelter. So it was a nice show knowing my money saved a cute kitten. When the book gets out all the book's money will also be going to the same shelter. Metal and Kitty's forever!

Starting off the show was a Sludge band called Nagual Sun. They started off with a really cool Drone jam then went to 4 songs of Sludge. And even though I'm not a fan of the genre, I thought they did a great job and enjoyed the set very much. The drummer has to be the most impressive drummer I've seen live. He had to stand to play certain parts and what not. They need a bass player by the way.

Nagual Sun

Up next was one LA's very own Cobra Venom. They play a lot and (correct me if I'm wrong) include members of the Black/Death Metal band Gravehill (who kick a lot of ass). Cobra kicked a lot of ass themselves. Idon't know how to describe their music so I'm gonna say Thrash mixed with Punk and D-Beat?? Idon't know! But they did rule and a group of kids showed up just to see them. They play a lot with DIS and Temple Of  Dagon (local favorites) so I gotta catch 'em again soon. They have album out called "Extinction Reality". Gotta look for it.

Cobra Venom
The main reason I went to this was to see LA's very own Harassor. I've been crazy about this band since their first full-length in 2011 but still have failed to see 'em live. They released 2 albums in 2012 and were some of the best music I heard that year. They got on stage and set up. Lead singer Pete Majors, was getting ready by putting fake blood all over his head. All he had to was head bang to get it everywhere. They stated on how they all love cats and were glad to be on this bill. Pete yelled out a gigantic screech and the band gave one ferocious show. They all gave it 100% and did not disappoint. They played a lot of new songs that are going to be on the new album (4th album in 3 years, they work hard). And even though I wasn't quite familiar with some stuff it kicked so much ass and makes me quite excited for the new album. Pete ended up off the stage and circling around the 3 of us that were headbanging and just sung around like that for a while.

It was awesome. They played one of hell of a set and it made my night worth it. I gotta see these guys way more often. I bought a shirt of the drummer who isf one really nice dude. All 3 members also have side projects that all kick all sorts of ass. Harassor is defiantly one of my favorite local bands,studio and live.

Harassor''s first two albums download link.

Returning from the dead for this show was The Cauterized. Total old skool Death Metal worship featuring members of Lightning Swords Of Death. I've heard about these guys before and they did not disappoint. Thought the crowd was dead most of the show,I'm sure most people would absolutely love this band. I dug 'em . They have two albums out, Hung Be The Heavens With Black and Reborn In Blood. Get 'em for all your Death Metal needs.

Headlining was Winterthrall. Black/Death Metal featuring my favorite drummer Rob Alaniz (Evildead, Despise You, Anger Is Art,etc). and singer/guitar player Steve Nelson (Noctuary, Evildead, Destroy Judas,etc). Also on bass now is (not pictured) Janis Tanaka (L7, Pagan Babies,etc). It was already  1 AM and I was about to jam a bit early but the set they played was way too good to leave. Their guitar player, Josh Standifer, played one great guitar, and you guys know I usually don't care for musicianship. He was really good. The whole band played a really heavy but in some way beautiful set. Only bummer was I couldn't hear the vocals but the rest of the band made up for it. This is NOTHING like Evildead or Despise You, but it kicks some serious ass. It was a short set, but they played really well, and I gotta see 'em again. check out the album Nightmares For The Sleepless


Good Luck Metal Dude on your Cat Book! I look forward to it!

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