Monday, February 11, 2013

Bryan's List of Musical Happenings 2/11/13

Monday 2/11/13

Findlay Family Fun Fest at Greenwood 7:00
The Paul Collin Beat at Gas Lamp 8:00

Tuesday 2/12/13

Drama Kings at Buzzard Billy's 6:00
Charles Johnson at El Bait Shop 8:00
Lincoln Grimes at Greenwood 8:00
Primer 55, Murder Earth, Nest of Snakes at the Hull Avenue Tap 8:00

Wednesday 2/13/13

Reeferseed Express at the Hull Ave Tap 6:00
Bob Pace Band at Zimm's 7:00
Jason Walsmith at Raccoon River's Songwriter Night 7:30
Bill Matykowski at Greenwood 7:30
Jet Edison ft. Brent Garland at Gas Lamp 8:00
Thankful Dirt at El Bait Shop 8:00
The Snacks at Underground 9:00

Thursday, Valentine's Day

Spencer Brown at Coda Lounge, Savery Hotel 6:00
David Zollo at Confluence Brewing Company 7:30
Vusi Mahlasela at temple Theater, 10th and Locust 7:30
Josh Davis w/ Brent Garland, Mary McAdams, Joel Baker at Vaudeville Mews 8:00
Open Jam feat. Scott Long Band at Gas Lamp 9:00
Soul Searchers at Greenwood 9:00

Featured Show

Friday 2/15/13

Work Release Party w/ Bob Pace at Gas Lamp 4:30
Junkie Nun, Agrinex at the House of Bricks 5:00
I Say Yes featuring Seth Hedquist at Ritual Cafe 7:00
JJ Express w/ Scott Davis, John Mattingly, and Dave Altmeier at 1st Ave Speakeasy, Newton 8:00
David Zollo at Peace Tree Brewing Company, Knoxville 8:00
Iris Dement at Wooly's 8:00
Bright Giant with John June Year at Gas Lamp 9:00
Tim Stop at Star Bar 9:00
The High Crest w/ Josh Sinclair at the Greenwood 9:00
Jen Allen with the Cover Girls at the House of Bricks 9:00
Doggomite at The Hull Avenue Tavern 10:00

Saturday 2/16/13

Dustin Louis Blank at the GrapeVine, Clive 7:00
Thom Dukan at Ritual Cafe 7:00
Thankful Dirt at Arts Central, Waukee 7:30
Luke Fox, Ben Wantland, and Ryne Doughty at Hull Avenue Tap 9:00
Aaron Williams and the Hoodoo w/ The Shams at Gas Lamp 9:00
Heath Alan Band at Greenwood 9:00
Randy Burke and the Prisoners at Raccoon River Brewery 9:00
All Things King at Star Bar 9:00

Sunday 2/17/13

Botanical Blues: J.D. Flanigan and Pat Hemann at Botanical Center 1:00
Spongecake and the Fluff Ramblers at Byron's, Pomeroy 5:00
Kelley Hunt at House of Bricks 7:00
Sam Knutsen at the GrapeVine, Clive 7:00
Obsidian's Dream at El Bait Shop 8:00
Spoken and Index Case, Rest at Wooly's 9:00

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