Saturday, February 2, 2013

Don Larkin: 43 Jesus Channels

I got 43 Jesus channels on the satellite tv
And Timmy marrying Tommy still don’t bother me
Hi definition politician trying to steal my vote
Red neck cat fishin’ he don’t need no boat
Texting conversation taking all my time
Roger that good buddy but it ain’t my dime
Lazy boy recliner never touches the wall
Whatcha bitchin’ bout people hey we got it all

Soccer mom’s bumper sticker says we can never forget
While a kinder gentler nation builds a great big fence
Kids drinking coffee, yeah young, wired and high
If everybody is a winner are the losers gonna cry
Americans getting chubby, lets blame arches and that clown
Get some pills for your mind if you’re feeling down
Policeman for the world and yet we still walk tall
Whatcha bitchin’ bout people ain’t we got it all

School yard bully knows he ain’t in Kansas any more
Preacher man testifying so why we keeping score
One nation under God, well I mean, you know except
Homeless vet in a wheelchair he’s gotta box for his bed
Oil fields are getting bloody, rich man hands stay clean
Pepper spray won’t buy silence if you know what I mean
43 Jesus channels while the baby learns to crawl
Whatcha bitchin’ bout people goddamn we got it all

-Written by Don Larkin

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