Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Samantha and the Nepal Arts Therapy Crusade

One year ago I began developing a project devoted to arts therapy in developing countries. Little did I know that this project would forever change the way I viewed life, culture and society.  The plan was merely just supposed to be a week of teaching arts classes to kids in Kathmandu, Nepal, just a week of volunteering my time in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. 

How on Earth was one week enough? 

In one week I changed my views so heavily that I caused a personal crusade and a fight that no matter what adversity I face, I simply refuse to give up.

"One of the most beautiful places on Earth." 
What started as a simple series of therapeutic arts projects has turned into a blue print for sustainable art studios and a counseling program with a partnership resident artist program developing as well.  The importance of such a project is exponential, if Nepal Arts Therapy could gain funding it would mean the program could be fully infiltrated and I could be spending the next year in Nepal working with communities to help launch the studios and the therapy program which would mean individuals gaining access to job trainings and educational resources that they do not have.

I’ve got precisely 12 months before I would like to bring this program back to Kathmandu and throughout the next 12 months I plan to blog about it. 

Yes I will write about music and art as well- we cannot ignore the existing global underground movements around the world. However, Nepal is on my mind and the process of procuring funding, developing framework and problematic semi-social and political situations along the way are worthy of writing about; it is imperative that we all become a little more aware of what is going on around the world..

"Nepal Art Therapy is my crusade to street children who are directly affected
by poverty, human trafficking, rape and violence. "

By now you have come to the conclusion I am some hipster do “gooder” person who is only out to look trendy-let’s get one thing straight I developed this program while sitting in a pension that had no hot water and minimal electricity, I wrote the program in my notebook while in bed with a temperature of 102.  Nepal Arts Therapy is my crusade to street children and women who are directly affected by poverty, human trafficking, rape and violence.

Do I have your attention yet? Are you ready to hear the stories? Are you ready to take a stand? Can you find a way to step up and help? Have you ever wanted to assist in grassroots organizing?

Why is this program important you might ask? Why is Nepal in such great need? How can sustainable development further help benefit those in need? Why is it our responsibility to help them? Why not focus on our own communities who are enduring their own fiscal challenges?  In future weeks to come I shall be exploring the issues faced by Nepali communities, I shall also go into a greater explanation of alternative music and culture in their developing world. 

- Samantha


Anonymous said...

...with you every step of the way!! Sarah

Anonymous said...

Samantha, what are your qualifications in the field of art therapy?

BFD said...
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BFD said...

To respond to the question posted anonymously; If you would care to see my resume please feel free to contact me directly at Sam.paints1313@gmail.com, however to further address your question, I have taught art in South Korea for nearly two years, prior to teaching art in South Korea I worked with After School Arts Program in Des Moines Iowa as a teaching artist in both ceramics and painting. During my formative years I studied and worked at Des Moines Art Center and I have taken multicultural education courses in Prague, Czech Republic. I have counseled young mothers and spent time developing and understanding arts therapy pedagogy and how it applies to individuals directed effected by emotional and physical traumas in developing countries. If you have further interest in discussing my qualifications please feel free to contact me at your convenience, alas I have no problems addressing your issues or concerns directly.

- Samantha

Anonymous said...

Samatha, it seems to me you are the artist and art teacher not the art therapist. What are your qualifications in the field of psychology or psychotherapy? Do you have any accreditations to practice art therapy?