Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Guru Guru's 1970 masterpiece

Well this ain't a new record by any stretch but it is a krautrock masterpiece. I know that this record gets labeled as progressive but this thing is nowhere in the neighborhood of stuffy and boring like early Genesis or Emerson Lake and Downer, er...Palmer. This is unadulterated free rock, proto industrial, heavy psych blitz. Song structures? Who needs 'em? They would only get in the way most likely. When these guys jam they aren't "noodeling" they're going for the throat at full throttle.

There is certainly an early Stooges quality running through this. It sounds like guitarist Ax Genrich swiped a page or two from Ron Asheton's playbook, but I don't know if he had even heard of the Stooges at this point. Somebody at some time compared this to Cream. Why? Because they're a three piece band. Cream never got this far out on anything I ever heard from them.

Accept no substitutes. This kind of space grooving, tripping, tribal stompage is just what all you adventurous souls and free thinkers out there could use. Heck, the title track actually does sound like a giant flying saucer crash landing in your back yard. Pure zen. And as a nice side benefit it will solve any annoying pest situations you may have. Play this thing at high volume and all those mice, rat, raccoon, squirrel, and Nickelback fan problems will go away.

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