Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cro-Mags,TheRoxy,Hollywood CA, 10-9-11

I've been wanting to see NYC HC legends CRO-MAGS forever! Finally I get to see 'em, and luckily for free! As a matter of fact after my friends and I left last month's Scion we discuss how crazy it would be if Cro-Mags would play since Murphy's Law did. Our prayers were answered. We got there, made it in, and we were PUMPED.

First band was new Hardcore band called New Lows. People were hardcore dancing (Lame!) like crazy. It made my head bobble very little. The band was OK. Nothing special, nothing bad. They didn't go fast 'til the last 2 songs. Plus I think the singer was wasted while he was babbling stuff. I got to check an album out. OK for new hxc.

Up next was Early Graves. A year ago they lost their amazing singer to car crash while on tour. The two albums they did with him were amazingly good for a new HxC band. They recently reunited with the lead singer of The Funeral Pyre, a Blackened Death Metal band. They did an impressive set that I enjoyed a lot. There was moshing for this, and I was upfront headbanging all through it. It was great. The guitar player told me to mosh, and head bang. The bass player said he dedicated the set (and every set they ever do to their late singer Makh Daniels. Check out their CD, Goner and We:The Guillotine. New album with the new guy is coming soon.

                                                              RIP Makh Daniels

After 2 years I finally saw one of the best Hardcore bands of all freaking time, Cro-Mags. (FACT not opinion). The crowd filled in and I went up front. They played the theme to A Clockwork Orange, then one by one the band came out. Right away it got super tight and we all sang with John Joseph(yep its his version,suck it Haley). "We Gotta Know" was sung by everyone in the place. People were stage diving (Tho they made it clear not to due to last show's fiasco). First couple were caught and kicked out. After a while there was so many they gave up. I kept yelling the lyrics to "World Peace," "Malfunction," "Street Justice" and others. Then they gave an Ode to another great hardcore band, Bad Brains. They played "Right Brigade" and "Attitude." The curtain went down. We backed up. They did  "Hard Times," EVERYONE went on stage. I was thrown back. But holy shit. If you don't have Age Of Quarrel in your punk collection. You don't know hardcore, mofo. See them. Even if you have to pay over $20. Its worth it.

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