Sunday, May 8, 2011

Witchaven-Infulsion-Simi Valley,CA 5/6/11

My weekend has been horrible. But before my girl left me, and before they placed a FOR SALE sign outside my house, and before my Ipod and computer both started fucking up.... I waited to the last minute to go to another Wicthaven show. This was now my 4th attempt at going to one of their shows to see 'em and enjoy them.

First time: Stoned and late (I think)
2nd: I was outside
3rd :Show ended too late and because I was tired, I left early.

Now these 3 bands have been playing together a lot. It's usually these 3 bands headlining (they rotate time to time) with a crap load of local bands opening. This time Witchaven was the headliner. And like any Vektor show, my friend had to go so I went with him.

This place was connected to local Punk/Metal shirt shop inside some plaza next to a 7-11 and a Carl's Jr. Ahhh that's badass... We were running late and like most Thrash were they. So by the time Exmortus was supposed to play, the 3rd band was barley getting started. Also this was the first time I've gone to a thrash show and not one person was drunk. Well... Okay one kid was passed out; he had hit his head and had to be picked up by an ambulance (HAHA!). And another thing... There was no pure Thrash posers. Just kids having a good time while supporting their friends.

We walked in, and a band called Chains Of Atlas were playing. These kids were all right. All their friends and family were there supporting them. They had a melodic sound to thier music. I was sitting down and I noticed my head bobbing. For kids, they ain't bad.

Chains of Atlas

Up next was some fat guy wearing a Viking helmet with his band. They were called Quiverbone and after being bored, I went to 7-11.

Then came this horrible band named Suicide Addictive. Can't find shit on them... Thank Satan! I actually kinda fell a sleep during their set. Everybody wants to be Pantera nowadays. Singing about banging chicks when your a full out pervert band is cool. Singing about banging chicks when your in a tough guy metal band is gay.

Once again I will review a local band who I'm glad hit it pretty big. Exmortus was setting up. The lead singer and my friend, Konan was going back n forth getting stuff. I kept telling him to say, "R.I.P. OSAMA!" while he was on stage. He had to! He "liked" my post on Facebook! Me and my friends went to sit down near them. The local scene there seemed to love them and were cheering for them like crazy. Konan mentioned Osama and dedicated the song "In Hatreds Flame" to him. I was having a WTF! moment so I kept yelling "Rest in peace!" and "Konan's gay!". After the set which the kids loved by the way, I asked him about it and he said it wasn't meant to be taken that way. That liar!

Up next was another little band that has a huge following nation wide called Vektor. And like Exmortus and Witchaven they were a really unique Thrash band, but with a blend of Progressive. I'm not a fan of Prog at all but my buddy,whose a huge Rush fan just loves these guys and sees them whenever they're somewhat near us. (We drove almost 2 hours last time.) Most kids lined up there were wearing their Vektor shirts but were head banging to their 10 min songs. My friend was headbanging. I like them but don't love 'em like the majority of people at this show did. But much respect to these guys for being super unique. Listen to Black Future if you like what I say. Plus the singer had a sick shirt for the movie The Fly. "Sci-Fi Or Die!" is their motto.

Finally, Witchaven was up. I rolled up my sleeves and took off my cap for this.Now I'm surprised they played this show. The singer, Henry was arrested 2 days ago for peeing in public. That guy has done time before, so I'm glad he was able to play tonight. The last remaining kids pitted like crazy and the singer sang on how he hated the police and how the Lakers have been losing. Witchaven kicks ass live, and I'm glad for being an LA Thrash band they're gaining a lot of of attention. Its hard to mix Black Metal and Thrash but this band does it perfectly. Please see these guys live and listen to their album Terrorstorm. After Witchaven's great performance I hung around to talk to Konan (From Exmortus) about Star Wars. And I finally got to see Witchaven. It was a great show during a shitty weekend.