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Interview with Angel Radness - Public Perverts

Bigfoot readers, meet Angel Radness, bass player extraordinaire from the Public Perverts of Seattle! This lovely lady was kind enough to let me in on some of her life adventures and a little life history. Her name gives you a glimpse into the life and personality. This is, indeed...One. Rad. Chick.

Now that you've seen the exterior, here's what makes this girl tick:
Turn-ons: Tequila. Definitely tequila. And good lord, I LOVE fur!! Hairy men with bellies. Mohawks and tattoos. A life of passion! Live life like you're gonna die!!!

Turn-offs: Drama. Hate it. It's pointless. I also don't like jealousy and possessiveness- a relationship shouldn't be based on your ability to keep a tight leash! Women these days are most often fucking psychopaths, but they're still fun to fuck. Usually only good for one night (though I've had a few that were rad enough to keep).


I'm totally a sci-fi geek. Outer space is both soothing and inspiring. I love the darkness lit with stars and planets. I like knowing that this world's assholes are just small specks in the our existence.

I'm scared of the ocean, but I really don't want to be. There's so much beauty and wonder down there, but there's also giant squid. Those fuckers are scary. Someday I hope to learn to dive, and bring a fucking harpoon with me.

Zombies are also fucking scary. We must keep our enemies close, and study them. Especially that Dick Cheney fucker.

I graduated high school 6 months ahead of my class, lettered in Academics, Dance, and Band. Funny, since I skipped school daily to smoke pot and drink on the Rum River. I had an opportunity to attend the University of Minnesota for free, but I threw it away to move to Utah with my dad. I got a scholarship in Utah for college too, but I threw that away. I never had any desire to go to college, I felt that life had bigger plans in store.

I absolutely LOVE being an entertainer, and I constantly am. Ever since my first Sam Kinison impression when I was 9, I've been a crowd pleaser. I love hosting parties, making new friends at bars and shows, and making people laugh. If I only achieve one thing in this life, I hope that I inspire people to enjoy their lives as much as possible. Even if it's only for a few hours over a few drinks. I absolutely love meeting new people, making them smile and laugh, and inspiring them to be better people.

And now for the meat and potatoes...

Basics: How long have you been playing bass and why the bass?

I picked up the bass about 5 years ago or so. I’m a very passionate person, and I like feeling my music instead of just hearing it. When I was married to Steve, he started teaching me. The first time I felt the most incredible vibrations from a vintage Ampeg Classic, I knew I found my calling.
I've spent my entire life around music. I started as a dancer when I was 2, and my family recognized talent immediately. They've supported me in everything I've pursued. I danced in the Orange Bowl halftime show in 1996, when I was only 14 years old. I started playing saxophone when I was 10, and kept up with it all through school and beyond. I was in marching band, and always first chair in band class. I never practiced at home.

Give me a lifeline of the Public Perverts....

Well, the lifeline of Public Perverts is extensive, and very confusing. Here are the fun facts, summed up: Steve Madness (lead guitar) and I used to be married. We’ve been divorced for 3 years now. My boyfriend (Remy Love) is our rhythm guitar player. Pablo Diablo used to play drums with Remy in Love On The Rocks. It’s really incredible to know that a group of people with extensive personal history can still be so rad to evolve above the drama and awkwardness to create great music and have fun. Our past really makes for a lot of good jokes and playful humor!

What does 2am/3am/4am after a show look like?

I honestly never remember, but oddly enough we’ve never done any after hours parties after our shows. I tend to be extremely wasted by the end of the night! Hahaha! I’m very happy to have Remy and Kevin (bf and roommate) at every show to corral me home before I do anything too stupid. I usually find out the details randomly over the next couple weeks, or a drunken voice mail pops up. Those are fun. We’re going to put one of those voice mails on an upcoming album. Finding texts from people I don’t know is also entertaining! Ha!

When did you/when will you call yourself successful?

We have a great time in Public Perverts. Our initial goal when we formed was to have fun and see where it goes. We’ve already gone a lot farther than I expected- we’re streaming regularly and supported on three internet radio stations (Real Punk Radio, Po Dunk Radio, and The Playlist),which has gained us international exposure and fans. We still have a great time playing, and we’ve played with some iconic legends in punk. We also were one of the first punk bands to team up with Rock Out ALS. Rock Out ALS is a Campaign to unite the Rock Music Industry to raise awareness of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), which is better known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. So I’d say we’re already successful. We’re having a great time, we’ve met a lot of great people, and we’re very happy to be where we are and excited to see what’s next.

Top 3 most offensive/dirtiest things you've seen in the shows you've played?

1- My friend Stevie pulls out my left tit while I was playing in the crowd. I couldn’t fix it right away, so little Lefty is quite popular now.
2- We all dropped our pants for a “pissing on the wall” photo. In the pic, my head is right next to Paul’s ass (whoops). The former lead singer’s wife was pissed about that shoot. “Don’t you DARE pull your pants down!!!” Hahaha!
3- And different kind of dirty- Me vomiting profusely every 5 minutes before going on stage (many circumstances surrounding that one). Everyone is ready to play, I’m on stage and about to start, then I had to run out back to puke by the dumpster. But then I was able to keep it together and pro for the show, and it was probably the best we’ve ever done!
4- I know you said 3, but then I just remembered this one, too- When we played with the Mentors, their dancer chick asked me to join her on stage. So I spent the entire time “mostly mooning” Marc (the drummer / singer), testing his ability to stay focused. He rocked it, and complimented me later.

Most stellar show you've seen?

SCREECHING WEASEL! I LOVE that band!!! They haven’t played Seattle in 19 years before their last show. It was epic. I went with my ex husband. I’ve seen MANY great shows, gone to MANY incredible after parties, but the Screeching Weasel show was historic. I have a Screeching Weasel tattoo:

What the hell is it like being a female in the punk scene??

In any music scene, it’s expected that the attentive females just want to fuck the band. It’s especially entertaining to meet bands that think you’ll fuck them, then they find out you’re a fellow musician. It’s a fun process. It’s amazing how many na├»ve girls will do anything a “rock star” wants just so that he’ll like her. Most of the time they don’t ever hear from the band again. Always hang onto your self respect.
As a musician, I wonder if most people just assume it’s for the sexy factor, and rule out the talented part. Which has proven to be true in most cases, but entertaining nonetheless. I very much do appreciate those who go to shows to see a girl play, and then really enjoy the music and talent behind it. I come from a long line of strong women, who fought for equal rights way back when, and worked while the men were at war. I’m sure they would be proud of me. I know my mom is.

Who's the nastiest band you've encountered?

American Headcharge. Well, not the entire band, but one particular member from the original lineup, Aaron Zilch. He was the original “noise maker” / midi guy, and we’re still in contact, ten years later. The second time I hung out with him when they were in town, he wanted me to whip him. I found the idea entertaining at the time, so I did. That was all that happened. Pretty tame story, I know. Oddly enough, most of the bands I’ve met have been pretty down to earth and intelligent; including (but not limited to) Slayer, Mudvayne, BLS, the Casualties, Dropkick Murphys, Bad Religion… Fat Mike from NOFX is exactly as you’d expect, so I wouldn’t say that encounter was unusual. I wish I had a better story, but I honestly don’t put myself in situations that would be detrimental to my reputation (in the sexual sense, anyway). I’ve run into Eddie Vedder and Jerry Cantrell, separately, on two separate occasions in strip clubs while celebrating friends’ birthdays… Again, tame…

Coke off a bible with Fat Mike?!? Elaborate!! (and did his fetish tendencies pop out?

I had backstage passes for Warped Tour a couple years ago when NOFX was headlining. After their show, I met Fat Mike backstage holding a Bible that someone had thrown onstage. He was signing the pages and handing them out. So I signed a page and handed it to him. LMFAO! I grabbed his water bottle of gin and chugged, then asked if I could party with him. To my surprise, he said yes. We rounded up Eric Melvin and a couple guys from Bad Religion and got onto the bus. From there, Fat Mike busted out a gigantic makeup box filled with drugs. We were listening to the Germs and talking about 70s LA punk as he proceeded to cut lines on that Bible. From there he busted out some pills and a joint… Exactly everything you’d expect from Fat Mike! I’m not a fat lesbian, so I was not indulged in any of his freak fetishes. Hahahaa! Like I said, I always relate to other musicians on a personal and professional level, never sexual. I’ve always wanted to party with Fat Mike, and it’s still shocks me to this day that I have.

What's the deal with you and Wimpy Rutherford?

I love my Wimpy! He and I met a few years ago at a Queers show that he was doing guest vocals for. He’s the original drummer for the Queers, and wrote Kicked Out of the Weebelos (“Daddy beat me with a hose…”). He’s a total sweetheart, and has been there whenever I needed him. He’s a mentor and great friend. We’re planning on meeting up this summer in Vegas for a visit. He’s now singing in The Jabbers, and is trying to get out to tour here, just as I’m trying to get Public Perverts to tour in his town in New Hampshire. Have you ever met someone that you just knew is supposed to be in your life, and will always be in your life?! I refer to them as “soul mates”, and Wimpy is definitely one of mine. It’s as if one of my puzzle pieces was finally found. It’s a wonderful relationship! Sadly, we haven’t visited each other since. Vegas is LONG overdue.

The Casualties...I hear there's stories....

Ah, yes… I’ve known them for years. Rick is definitely the dick and the instigator of the group, and of course the one I’m most closely in contact with. We tend to constantly put each other in our place, which appears to be a working friendship. LOL! Meggars doesn’t party with the rest of the group, he runs off pretty quick and just stops by once in a while. Jake is a total doll, I love him to death. He’s always respectful and sweet, and even once after a show found my phone and turned it in. Jake has a special place in my heart. ;) Jorge usually keeps to himself, but he’s also a total sweetheart. Last year at Warped Tour, he comes back to the RV with two plates of food. He says, “Well, when I was going in, one of the workers said that she was really hungry. So I promised her I’d bring her back a plate of food. But when I got back she was gone. So now I have two plates of food. It’s too bad, she seemed really nice.” He’s really quiet for the most part, and a devoted family man. My favorite story, though, was the first time I met Rick. He was wearing a black and white horizontal striped shirt, and approached me in the bar. He asked,”Is this shirt retarded? The guys keep telling me it sucks.” Hahaha! I really liked the shirt, but he really looks good in anything! We went to a bar for pizza after the show, and I really grossed him out when I asked for mustard on the side. I didn’t think I’d ever hear back from him after that, but I guess he forgot about the mustard after a day or two! Hahaa…

Why William Shatner and what can we expect?

I love William Shatner! He’s fucking amazing, and I would love to hear him sing our song “Master Bates”! However, there’s nothing to expect. I couldn’t afford his autograph to give him the packet proposition I had for him at Comicon, so no go. I’ve been emailing his agents and other possible contacts, but so far no word yet. I did meet Data (Brent Spiner) and Number 1 (Jonathon Frakes) at a bar the previous evening. They were very gracious about my little geek freak out, what rad dudes!
For the first Public Perverts show, I had called Pee Wee’s agent in hopes of a special celebrity appearance. However, it was just too short of notice so it didn’t happen. I think I’ll continue barking up that tree in the future, it’s much more optimistic.

Who can you drink under the table and who drinks like a pussy?

Man, just about everyone I drink with is a champ! However, our previous Kenny was a bit of a lightweight. But he was a lot of fun, it was great to see him as himself when he lets loose! Hee hee… One time after a Dropkick Murphys show, we all went down to Fado for a little after party action. I’m amazed I’m still standing after that night, those guys can really drink!!! I don’t remember much, but I kinda remember pissing off one of them.

What's your take on the punk scene anymore? In Seattle?

The “punk” scene is huge. There’s so many sub categories out there! I’ve noticed that Seattle tends to be a lot more hardcore punk, but perhaps it’s just a matter of who I’m associating with. But I’m noticing a change. There’s a lot more bands getting more attention that are more 70s punk style, and I’m noticing the hardcore punks at their shows too, and vice versa. It’s great! We’ve played with a huge variety of punk bands, and I always enjoy having a diverse bill when it comes to show. I believe that we should all unite and expand our horizons! When I first entered the Seattle punk scene from Utah, it was very clique-y. Which I think is an insane contradiction in terms. But nowadays it’s getting more and more mixed, and more accepting towards “outsiders”. We’ve got a really great genuine group of people here, and I adore everyone I meet! What I love most about punks is that our lives are quite similar, and very real. We’ve all been where a fellow punk has been. We tend to unite and take care of each other when it feels like no one else will. And we’re all able to call out another one’s bullshit when needed, and it doesn’t lead to resentment. Punk is honest. And it should always remain that way.

How cynical does being in a band make you? Or does it?

It doesn’t. Not at all. I’m in it for the fun and pleasure of performing, and I adore those that listen and support my dreams. It doesn’t get better than that. Artists do it for themselves first, then the passion leads to the need and appreciation to share. Some bands tend to get very “sterile” and over professional, which to me translates to being apathetic toward humility and crowd appreciation. The most memorable shows that I’ve attended have been when the band expresses a sense of humanity on stage. No matter how talented anyone is, there’s always going to be someone out there that’s better. It’s how we express ourselves as individuals expressing ideas and passion that makes a mark. In my humble opinion…. One of the most inspirational shows I went to was Green Day, playing at the Auburn Drive In, during the stale time between “Dookie” and “American Idiot”. They joked onstage with the crowd, they forgot some songs that were requested, and they even brought up some members from the audience to play their songs and others. It was fantastic! I really have a great appreciation for people willing to accept and act as if they’re just a human being like the rest of us.

Best show and worst show played?

Best show, as referenced above, was the time I was puking constantly before playing the show we opened for the Vibrators. Worst show ever actually turned into a killer show. I was getting my Weasel tattoo when I got a call from the 2Bit, asking us to play a last minute skate show gig. I took the gig. But then I couldn’t get a hold of our drummer, and our singer wasn’t able to do it. Steve was with me during the tattoo, and agreed to the show. So he and I went on our own, recruited the drummer from the band before, and then called people up on stage to do vocals to some covers we played. It was the perfect train wreck, and a lot of fun! The crowd had fun too. Especially when some dude wearing a bright orange bob wig sang multiple songs in a row. What a great time! Hahahaha! I definitely wouldn’t call that a Public Perverts show, but rather a random jam session with members of Public Perverts.

Top 3 people that you would want to collaborate with...

1- Henry Rollins. That’d just be a blast! I’d love to molester his brain and write some songs!
2- The Queers. Joe does studio work now too, I’d LOVE to record with him!
3- The Darkness. That’d just be one hot, sexy, juicy mess. Beautiful.

Huge thanks to Miss Radness for corresponding with me, I felt like I've added and explosive and valuable addition to my life by meeting her.
The End...

Seriously, take a minute and check this band out.

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