Thursday, May 26, 2011

Death Wish Series

Ever since I listened to the Powerviolence band, Charles Bronson I became real interested in the actor himself. The series which he is most famous for is called Death Wish. There are five parts. I bought the first one a year ago. And a couple weeks ago they had a marathon on the AMC channel. My girlfriend recorded all of them. I have to say this is one series you can't miss. It isn't as great as the Star Wars series but it sure beats the Land Before Time one. I'll review each one now. Don't worry I wont spoil it for you. But Bronson will kick your ass if you don't watch these magnificent films.

Cmon look at that poster! If I was walking around in 1974 waiting for Punk Rock to be invented, Id totally go see this on opening day. This is the movie that started it all. It tells how he became the vigilante and the anti-hero. Cant tell you else much about this, but this is Jeff Goldblums first movie. Bronson Vs. The Fly would've been the greatest movie ever. This is a must for fans of Taxi Driver.

This is the sequel. God damn this guy has a crappy life. In this one he hunts people down to the core. Not as great as part 1 but they is way more action. One of the bad guys in this film is Laurence Fishburne. Imagine Bronson in The Matrix? 

The best of the best! This one has so much action that it puts De Niro, Bruce Campbell, and El Santo to shame. And I really regret saying that,but its true. Tho this one is very diffrent from the 1st two it still has Bronson being (more of a) badasss. If all those stupid fashion "Punx" would watch this move, they'd stop wearing his shirts. This movie is Bronson vs. the punks.
Man Bronson, you still have a crappy life. And its been almost 20 years! He's going nuts on this one. He's pissed at crackheads and will wipe out every single one in town. He means business! Killings his business...And business is good! One of the boss men is Danny Trejo (Really nice guy, met him in a NA meeting).
The last and worst one. Also Charlies final film before he died. Still has action but a boring story line. It does however have it's moments. I recommend seeing it if you loved the past 4 but it ain't something you'd wanna watch when its on late night tv unless nothing else is on.

Yep and The Simpson's did Death Wish 9!

So please enjoy this series. Part 1 can be found in some used section in the mall. Parts 2-4 are available at Target in one box with another film for 10 bucks!

Part it on TV.