Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Can Ride My Bike With No Handlebars

You say you want a revolution?

I've been watching listening to the TV news round table political discussions this morning... He said, she said, blah blah blah. It gets so old. The Republicans talk about the "good old days" when Reagan was in office, and the Dems keep referring to the Clinton era. It's too bad that that neither party has the cojones to talk about the time period that actually has relativity to today's society - When the country was founded and the United States Constitution actually meant something. I'm so fucking sick of the political status quo and the lack of leadership in this country. The constitution has become as relative as a piece of toilet paper. The judicial branch is now in the legislative business, the legislative branch deliberatley defies constitutional laws and it's constituency, and the executive branch sits back and watches it happen as we slowly fade to third world status.

Something needs to happen fast. The point of no return is just around the corner...

I never wanted this to be a political blog... And despite this particular post it will not be. But... I just want to say that I did not vote in the last two elections and I will not vote for, or endorse anybody until I see a candidate that represents the constitutional laws of this country and can bring the USA back to a self-sustaining entity with wholesome values and less government. I will only endorse and vote for a candidate that represents ME... Voting for anybody else is stupid and is only a contribution to a failed future. We need to take a GIANT step backward, wipe the slate clean and elect public officials who don't cater to special interests or have thier hands in corporate wallets. We need to limit the welfare safety net and protect our borders. We need to support our military. We need to quit spending and quit borrowing. We need to quit finger pointing and shifting blame and start taking accountability for our actions. We need to ensure that the future is a bright and shiny place for our children. We need to do something fast.

Well you know...We all want to save the world.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's a matter of the lesser evil. While the two parties may be equally bad on any number of things (e.g. spending), there's little question that one of them is far worse on issues you mentioned in this post. Not voting only helps that party.