Saturday, July 24, 2010

Girl Interrupted

My suspicions are confirmed. Kings of Leon ARE a bunch of pussies.

While playing a show in St Louis last night, a pigeon dropped a load on bassists Jared Followill’s head. The band called shenanigans and abruptly cancelled the rest of the concert.

From Gigwise:

The band were three songs into their set at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater when they announced that the concert was being halted due to “safety concerns”.

No further explanation was given at the time, but drummer Nathan Followill later revealed more details on Twitter.

“So sorry St. Louis. We had to bail, pigeons shitting in jareds mouth and it was too unsanitary to continue,” Nathan wrote.


Maybe someone in the KOL's management needs to develop a "masculinity scale" for the band to rate future incidents before instantly cancelling gigs. It could be called WWJD?... (What would Jonas Do?) It would be a good start.

Had the Jonas Brothers been playing that particular venue at that particular time and a bird had shat on one of their heads, a roadie would have retrieved a wet towel and wiped the mess clean. The show would have continued uninterrupted. I seriously doubt that the performance would have been cancelled for "safety reasons".

According to the Gigwise report, Fox 2 News had originally cited heat as the cause for cancellation. This excuse didn't fly for obvious reasons... "Sex on Fire" is the song that catapulted these nimrods to fame. It's hard to bellow out that Your sex is on fire when you are halting gigs due to steamy conditions.

You know... If you are in a band that has less testicular fortitude than the Jonas Brothers, you are probably in the wrong business.


me said...

what an absolute bunch of wankers!!!

Steph said...

I wish I'd have seen KOL play live, sometime before 2004. When they only had 2 albums out, and their hair was long, and they weren't so.... "cool"....