Friday, July 16, 2010

Applying Simple Advice

My friend Mike gave some incredible advice to me tonight. It is simple in theory but deep in possibilities. I have decided to use it in every aspect of my life from this point forward... Perhaps even make it my motto.

It is this: Just be good to each other.

Man, life throws a wicked curve ball sometimes. Just when you think you are in your groove the pitch comes in high and tight. Your knees buckle and you fall backward... The pitch drops in across the plate and the umpire calls "Strike!"

The rules don't allow you very many of those. It's called a missed opportunity.

This week I missed an opportunity. It involves many personal issues, and a person extremely close to me. I saw the pitch come in and I ducked out like a child. If I was wise... I would have just taken Mike's advice. It would have saved a lot of pain gripped by confusion and arrogance. I would have seen the ball break across the plate, and at least if I were to go down, I would have gone down swinging... Much manlier than taking the low road and hitting the dirt.

Arrogance doesn't always work in the big world... I'm teaching myself this. It leads to isolation which leads to envy which leads to jealousy which leads to insensitivity, which leads to nowhere. Suddenly through arrogance, we are no longer who we were, but puppets controlled by self loathing, which incidentally leads us back to arrogance. It's a vicious circle, my friends... One that can be avoided.

I wasn't completely in the wrong this week. But I was in the wrong for taking the low road and ducking out. I should have hung in there. Mike's advice is pretty much common sense, yet I missed the opportunity to apply it. Next time I'm going to knock it out of the park.

This post probably makes no sense to you... And that's ok. This one's for me.


Subliminally Incognito said...

The beauty of this post is that it does make sense, but possibly differently to everyone.

I agree with mike, but disagree with your statement that it is common sense. If that was the case, it would be a much better world to be apart of.

T.Church said...

Well said, SI. I probably should have said that it SHOULD be common sense. This world is definitely a better place because of Mike and people like him... And you too. I appreciate your comments.